"Hardness of heart" that does not make sin venial

Catechism tells us that “hardness of heart” doesn’t make our sin smaller and doesn’t make it venial (doesn’t count as partial/no knowldge, or partial/no control).How can we know that we don’t have hardness of heart?

As in all your other threads please take the advice of the many posters who have told you to seek help from your priest about your extreme scrupulosity.

I doubt you have hardness of heart. Talk to your priest

Hi lifesoilder

I too suffer from scruples. One thing I have found helps is to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet.
You are in my prayers.

Hardness of heart is rather of the order of a refusal to repent – if your asking the question out of concern that one wants to repent - to turn to God - then such is a good indication that one does not have “hardness of heart”-- but is seeking by grace the mercy and love of God.

Others have mentioned scruples here - make sure to get a regular confessor who can know of your difficulties and can direct you - such is the age old practice in the Church.

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