Hare Krishna accused of violence against their children, " forced to dance naked and be vegetarian"

The accuser, Yulia Zimová, wants to create a precedent to ensure that religious communities do not violate the rights of children. Hare Krishna leader rejects charges.


:rolleyes: Be careful what you wish for…

Most Hindus are vegetarian. I don’t know that eating meat is a human right. Can a child demand his Hindu parents buy him a Big Mac?

Can a Jewish child demand his observant parents to put cheese on his Reuben? A child of traditional Catholic parents demand bacon on a Friday?

As long as the child is having his/her nutritional needs met, and the food is reasonably palatable, what is the issue?

While I believe that meat is not immoral, I have no real issue with people who avoid certain foods for religious, ethical or whatever reasons.

It’s a completely different story when parents deprive their child of the necessities of life – like Breatharians.

Hare Krishna people are so modest and prudish, even men don’t allow themselves to be seem by other men while showering and the same goes for children, The women when wearing traditional clothes are covered from head to toe (although faces are always visible). This charge of naked dancing is so ridiculous and false that the intent obviously is to raise people’s prejudices and act as a precursor to further persecution.

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