Sometimes harmonization is good to disprove attacks from atheists on the Bible. But some harmonizers go from a questionable reconciling of the texts to complete utter lunacy. For instance, have you heard the harmonization that Peter denied Jesus six times or that there were three anointings of Jesus? There are even some who suggest that there were four different Jesuses!:smiley:


I’ve never heard about any of this before.


The onus is on the person making a claim to produce documentary support that we can then discuss. It is not up to us to refute baseless assertions.
If they cannot produce anything for discussion to back up their claim then tell them they are just talking hot air.


That last part - I had the good fortune (?) of encountering someone who actually seem to think that right in this very forum once. I don’t wanna sound mean or anything, but that was just … precious.

On a more serious level though, you’ve ever encountered those folks who argue that Jesus was actually crucified with three or four criminals?


The gospels only say Jesus was executed with three criminals. We don’t know if there were anymore people who were on their crosses from previous executions.


Well now you have!:smiley:


You mean two, right?

This whole idea of Jesus being crucified with three or four people is their attempt to harmonize Matthew’s and Mark’s “And the robbers who were crucified with him also reviled him” with Luke’s story of the good thief. In other words, three of those guys taunted Jesus, while the fourth one stood in His defense.


Yeah. Sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

A mote plausible harmonization would be that both thieves mocked Jesus, but the Good Thief was touched by grace and repented.


Sorry. *more


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