Harold and Kumar 3D very Anticatholic,Antichristmas with propaganda! Beware

I know most of you wont watch or probably have not heard of this movie but if you have and are thinking about seeing but dont. It attack Christians especially Catholics in a horrible way in one part they have a random scene showing jesus Christ in heaven with prostitutes in another scene have one of the main characters punching a bishop and in another they attack priests with children. Its like the whole film is made to push a antichristian agenda. The film also attacks Christmas with perverted scenes with penises and by shooting santa Claus? It Even throws a blow at The Occupy movement during the start of the film you see the movement and they make the movement out to be pointless and make it as if everyone in the protest is an idiot even showing one of them throwing poop. And they added the occupy movement scene after the movie was done filming.

The reason I am writing all this is not only to keep you away from this junk but to also let everyone know how antichristian and especially anticatholic hollywood truly is and to show you that it uses its films and shows to manipulate people. I looked up all the people who made the film and they turned out to be jewish and from my experience they dont like christianity.

Its funny everyone always gets away with attacking Christians and mostly Catholics even during our religious holidays. But when people attack anything or anyone else then they get in trouble even sometimes fined or prosecuted.

Oh dear. I wasn’t planning on watching it anyway, based solely on the subject matter, but now I will definitely not be.

I said this to a friend of mine the other day, one can insult Christians as much as they like but anyone else is off-limits. Unfair double standards.

Sounds as bad as I thought it would be! :frowning:

My daughter and I are just about to dust off While You Were Sleeping for our annual holiday viewing anyway!!! :smiley:

I’m sure that Harold and Kumar in their next movie will satirize and take aim at Ramadan . . . oh wait…

Even the trailer made me sick. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or, for those who have seen the movie (like I have), a major tip-off would have been that they needed a ticket for midnight mass on Christmas Eve - to retrieve the tree for Harold’s father-in-law. Catholic parishes don’t require “tickets” to get into mass. It’s common for Jewish holidays, but not in Catholic churches.

Blatant attacks against the Christian faith are par for the course nowadays, unfortunately. Islam seems to get the get-out-of-ridicule-free card.

The Bible has scenes showing Jesus Christ on Earth with prostitutes. :smiley:

Sorry, couldn’t resist!

This doesn't surprise me at all. Hollywood, is always trying their best to eradicate the faith of the faithfull, and change the mind of those trying to convert. Christians are a sore for them. Money is the ultimate goal and if they get less people to follow religion then they can sell more garbage.

The reason they only attack christianity is because we are the biggest religion in the world. By the way it isn't the fist time Catholics have been attacked, nor will it be the last. As you can see we are still here, so let's just weather it out and see them fail once again in bringing us down.

This sounds even worse than "Paul" The only movie I ever walked out on.

Actually yes…in one of the gospels the “righteous” condemned him for eating with tax collectors and prostitutes.

Horrible! Why does this exist?

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