Harry Potter 8 - your thoughts? Review Thread for Fans (Spoiler warnings!)

Saw it the other day and the first third or half wasn’t too bad. I was willing to cut them some slack and think that if the way they filmed it could have been in the book, then okay.

But then the Battle of Hogwarts and the Harry/Voldemort showdown were so different! I think maybe the director was going for a “London during the Blitz” look but sometimes the monochromatic (which has been with us since Movie 6) gets a bit old, and detaches the viewer too much from feeling a part of things.

And to have Harry and Voldy duking it out apart from everyone else to me was an epic fail. :crying:

Alan Rickman rocked, though. :thumbsup:

I don’t understand changing excessively from the book to the movie. If a filmmaker wants to do that why don’t they just hire a scriptwriter and make up something new that lets them do what they want?

And JK Rowling approved this?! I haven’t followed the making of this movie closely online since I did that with Movie 6 and was disappointed as a result. I really thought they got it right in Movie 7, gave the characters and emotions space to add richness and depth. :clapping: Though others will disagree with me and think it was slow moving for that very reason.

Okay, I’ve said enough, your thoughts, HP moviegoers! :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

I thought it was really slow to start, I was actually almost bored in some places.

The fighting seemed very… well, as you mentioned at some points there was very little fighting even when they were standing opposite each other, but I liked how they did it. At the end of the day both sides understood the main point was Voldemort and Harry trying to kill each other, everyone else was there pretty much as back-up, although it was clear that Voldemort intended to kill anyone defending Harry, and everyone else who stood against him afterwards (but only after Harry was dead). But the fighting was awesome though! I don’t think you saw enough of Bellatrix, Helana Bonham Carter is an amazing actress and she plays her very well. I loved the living armour! Good to see they kept some of the humour even during the final battle too. The music was epic too!

I absolutely loved it though! I wanted to cry at least 5 times, and the sad revelations about Snape made me feel sad and upset for several days, I really like him as a character. The part when Dumbledore said “Are you telling me Snape, that after all this time, you still…”

I think the part about Snape upset me the most.

The entire theater clapped and applauded for what felt like forever when she got her just desserts. One of those will-never-be-duplicated-on-DVD moments. :thumbsup:

The theater clapped also when Ron and Hermoine kissed and Bellatrix was dissolved and when the snake’s head was chopped off.
I saw it in 3D and didn’t read the book. So I enjoyed it thoroughly:thumbsup: although my eyes were kinda funny for a while afterwards;).

Man, Alan Rickman is a great actor. If I had to choose who was the “best” actor, I’d have to choose him.

Just look at the opening shot of him at Hogwarts. Captures the moment and the complexness of what’s Snape’s feeling just perfectly.

I would hate that! Clapping in a cinema? I want to watch the film in as much quiet as possible.

Also, I really hate how you Americans spell theatre. The r just seems to hang off, almost falling out of the word and the shape of it is ugly.

Book moment I wished had been in the movie: When Amycus Carrow spit at McGonagall and Harry said “You shouldn’t have done that” :nunchuk:

It just seemed that sometimes there wasn’t the feeling of really being there that I get when a movie version is at least close enough to the book (and how I visualize as I’m reading) during the latter part of the movie.

And again, the near-monochromatic sets and filming style in many of the Hogwarts scenes didn’t work for me - I usually dream in color even. It made things look too unreal and flat.

I liked that too! Even though he didn’t say anything, you got the point.
I liked the whole movie, actually, until the very end. The whole 19-years-later part was too corny, in my opinion. Lots of people in the theater were laughing about it during the movie.

Well I don’t like the way you spell it! It’s too French.

I liked it in the book and was glad they put it in the movie, though. But I always like backstory and . . . forwardstory? It gives a sense of realism. But to each his or her own.

If I had to/could choose, though, I could’ve sacrificed the epilogue in exchange for more of what was left out.

I’ve already expressed the desire for more trueness to the book in the climactic battle between Harry and Voldemort. There was a gaping hole on the lack of explanation of Ariana Dumbledore’s fate, its connection to Gellert Grindelwald and Albus’s guilt.

I also really wanted a little moralizing - the explanation that Voldemort could’ve put his soul back together by remorse - and for Harry to get the chance to say so to him - the “Be a man, Tom Riddle” dialogue. Another opportunity for clarity missed.

I really enjoyed watching the last movie though and felt a little sad when it was over (related: Last days on set video).

I really wish they had kept the Neville moment truer to the book though. He seemed like a joke in the movie and the scene felt so different in the book (where Voldemort praises him). All the characters chasing down the snake seemed sort of silly to me as well.

The Dumbledore plot was confusing in the movie. They hinted that he wasn’t as perfect as Harry once thought, but didn’t go into it enough. I wonder how those scenes came off to someone that hasn’t read the books. It seemed like while reading the book, I went through a part where I was questioning Dumbledore but he’s then redeemed at the end.

My theater laughed when they showed the epilogue. It sort of reminded me of a cartoon that has children in it and they show the characters as adults but they still have the child-head. Though, I saw that they redid that scene because they made the characters look too old at first.

My favorite part of the movie was The Prince’s Tale. I really liked seeing young Snape and Lily. And “always” :smiley:

Overall I really enjoyed it. It was visually stunning in certain spots (my favorite was escaping the fire on the brooms leaving that room). I heard Radcliffe say that Rickman was phenomenal and I agree w/ him and the other on here.

I too though the ending battle between Harry & Voldemort was a bit unfortunate along w/ Neville & the snake. I REALLY like though when Harry says something like “Whatdya say Tom, we started this together, let’s finish it together”, grabs him around the neck and plunges off the castle.

When they did the 19 years later I was excited because in the book, Ron gives one of my favorite lines of his of the whole series. But then the movie didn’t use it and instead (I believe - I am getting forgetful) added some dialogue instead.

No it’s not, I spell it how I pronounce it. Besides, we were here first. :stuck_out_tongue: And what’s wrong with French?!

Can you prove that? :D:D

Yeah! I think you’ll find we published the first English-language dictionary. :wink:

Don’t get me wrong, I love some Americanisms. But why do you have to spell things differently?

Anyway, back on topic. I’m glad that Rowling campaigned for the films to be made in Britain with mainly British actors, she’s essentially created a multi-award winning special effects industry single-handedly.


I liked the applause in the appropriate places. It underscores the effectiveness of the story and the involvement of the fans. It promoted fellowship among the moviegoers.:slight_smile:

I would certainly not have fellowship among fellow moviegoers if they clapped and distracted me or stopped me from hearing some of the film.

You’re watching a film, not a live action show! They won’t pause for applause and then carry on after!

You pronounce “theater” like tay-at- ruh? Because that’s how I pronounce “theatre”. Nothings wrong with French, if you’re French. I’m American so I say, “theater”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. I hate rude moviegoers. I didn’t come to hear them! Fortunatly, everyone at the theater I went to was enthralled with the movie and no one seemed to move a muscle or breathe a word until that corny ending bit came along.

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