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Just read this comic that was linked over at the forums at catholic-covert.com - thought it was good.

I don’t get it… it just ends there, like that? No more details as to how we ended up in the situation on the first page, and no further resolution?

“You don’t want to get involved in it like your mom and I were once! A demon was exorcised from us that was big and blackish-green, and a skull-like face, large teeth and things like antlers coming out of its head!” …I was honestly having doubts at this point as to who exactly we were attacking/making fun of here.

I don’t know, I guess I thought it was an odd attempt at more Harry Potter bashing by someone who hasn’t actually read the books (although admittedly a talented artist).

It has always been my opinion from the beginning of Harry Potter’s popularity that the author of these witchcraft glamorizing stories sold her soul to the devil and has profited on earth, but will get her punishment in purgatory.

Sorry, but that just doesn’t add up at all.
You are aware that she is a practicing Anglican, right?

Urgh. Jack Chick w/ better art.

Not to mention, unfinished. (It just stops …)

In other words: really bad, not worth annoying the electrons to make this green tripe available.

Sad and stupid. The contrived use of youth slang is one of the worst parts of this. Any real kid would ditch this thing in five seconds. It’s trying so hard to “be cool” and sound like them that they would see that and dismiss it instantly. I mean, if my stodgy 32 year old self can see that…:rolleyes:

Harry Potter has nothing to do with real practitioners of witchcraft. Any Wiccan can tell you that. Anyone who has actually read the books knows that the magic is secondary to the REAL story, which BTW is chock-full of recognizable Christian values. Harry being a wizard is a plot device that removes him from the regular world, where he cannot become who he really is and must be. He can’t learn or practice the values he must have in order to defeat his mortal enemy in the Muggle world, with the horribly selfish and materialistic Durseleys.

It’s really sad how far some people will go to blind themselves.

No doubt about it. i read all the books and just recenttly tunred my daughter into a toad…

:rotfl: :rotfl: :stuck_out_tongue:

Boy, I better watch my two oldest then… they should be sprouting warts any day now!

A full-blown Transfiguration charm on another human being!? Most impressive… :slight_smile: [right][/sarcasm][/right]

Obviously something done by someone who hasn’t read the books. Rubbish in my opinion. I’ve read all the books and I’ve seen all the movies (so far) and you have to discern what is fantasy from what is reality in any situation where literature is concerned. Plus I agree that they are full of Christian themes. Especially Book 7. I think the biggest problem today that people have with Harry Potter is that it is in a modern day setting with real places (i.e. London). You don’t see any Christians bashing Lord of the Rings or Chronicles of Narnia which both have magic in them. I suppose because the majority of the settings of both places are in a fantasy world, but what would you call Hogwarts other than a fantasy world?

Actually Presbyterian (the Church of Scotland is Presbyterian, not Anglican, with the odd consequence that the Queen becomes Presbyterian when she crosses the Tweed). Essentially what we would call in this country a “mainline Protestant.”


brilliant…oh yes, Harry Potter has me journeying down the dark path, I read all the books and I aqquire a wand and turned my dad into a Blast-ended swert

now I see the error of my ways

That comic did seem very “Chick”-like. Regardless of what you think of Harry Potter, it seems a poor method to get your point across. It seems as though it is trying to guilt people away from Harry Potter by so overtly connecting reading the books to actual practice of the occult.

It seems a better approach would be to appeal to reason rather than emotion. :shrug:

I really needed a laugh. Thanks! :thumbsup:

The most horrifying aspect of these “comics” is the use of slang, which is quite simply, atrocious. What’s more, the story simply didn’t compel me. I can stand being insulted, but bored? That is the cardinal sin of entertainment. Still, I pushed on to page seven, hoping that it would get better, and, no. I didn’t even get any closure. Just a freaky bit of exposition that doesn’t really fit.

:shrug: I can see where all sides are coming from, and I can say without a doubt that we were less divided on the issue before the books came out.:rolleyes:

You know–I did a little more poking at that site, and came to this conclusion: I retract my ‘unfinished’ criticism. It turns out that if you head to the ordering page, it’s part of a 32-page comic that they’re selling with bonus pricing if you buy gobs of them at a time.

Hairy Polarity and the Sinister Sorcery Satire

  • A powerful and effective 32-page, full-color comic book -
    In a creatively crafted fictional comic book story, Tim Todd reveals the very real dangers of sorcery and witchcraft contained within the Harry Potter series! Designed to reach Harry Potter fans. Great price break when you order quantities. For Hairy Polarity orders of any size you will also receive a bonus comic book containing three full-color stories!

Therefore, I renew my ‘it’s Jack Chick with better art’ criticism (containing the same degree of veracity about the subject as any Jack Chick tract, to boot).

I guess that explains why the “ending” left a lot to be desired!

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