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in the Half Blood Prince a modern looking pedestrian bridge over the Thames in London is destroyed by the deatheaters at the beginning of the movie. Is that a real bridge? and other than Diagon Alley, platform 9 3/4 and the shape-shifting house etc. are the exteriors of London used in the movies as London appears now? were they shot in London.

I believe there is a bridge just like that in London. It is called the Millennium Bridge (London). In fact this same bridge was closed shortly after opening because it shock and swayed as people would walk over it. (It was opened after some structural supports were added).

Yes, the actual bridge is called the London Millennium Footbridge.

Diagon Alley was actually filmed in Leadhall Market (in London). Platform 9 3/4 was actually filmed at Kings Cross Station. There is a plaque where the famed platform would be along with a luggage cart sticking out of the wall. Much of the backdrop to the movies are digitally altered and/or created; however, there are many scenes which were shot throughout Britian including London. For example, many of the interior scenes of Hogwarts were filmed at Christ Church College, Oxford.

Yes, that is the Millennium Bridge, which makes the events a bit of an anachronism, because the bridge did not begin construction until 1998, and the sixth year took place in-universe date 1996.

Many sites around the UK were used in the filming. See this Wikipedia article for starters, there is more information in the other corresponding film articles.

According to that article, Diagon Alley was a manufactured set with a mix of three architecture styles.

Heh, that’s a little funny actually. :stuck_out_tongue:

Although, I don’t think it’s quite as bad as the Playstation showing up in one of the early books (2nd?) when it didn’t come out in Japan until 1994 (and Europe in late 1995). :wink:

Then again, anachronisms aren’t that odd. Hamlet attended a university that wouldn’t exist for several hundred years. :cool:

Nice prayer.

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