Harry Potter. Sin or no?


Oh, he’s zealous alright. I know in one interview I heard him say that he hopes that his books get many to follow the logic of atheism. The NPR interviewer was clearly getting tired of his anti-Christianity, anti-Religion stance and made a hysterical comment about how “all authors pray that their books reach people” with an emphasis on “pray”.

What’s funny is that interviewer wasn’t really known for his gentleness towards religion, and I’d often turned him off when he took things too far. But he seemed to have a hard time with Pullman’s attitude.


I first read it in middle school during a rough time in my life. I literally cried when I finished the last page because the adventure was over with. Maybe it was just the time or my age, but I have never had such strong feelings for a story since then. I went on to read it again another 12 times or so. [over a span of years]


Is Golden Compass still a thing?
Haven’t seen anyone read it in eons


Yep. Everyone is up in arms over Potter, which clearly has strong Christian allegorical content, while ignoring the clearly atheistic, anti-Catholic Compass series…


Yeah, it’s still a thing. It’s more for teens and adults, not children so it gets less “air time” and you see less children running about demanding $$$ merchandizing from their parents–but with the new book coming out and the TV show on the horizon.


And there are MANY other examples. Pullman is just the most popular and most virulent.

My point is that there are MANY examples of authors who are trying to get people to fall into atheism–or at the very least hate of the Faith. Actively. And they are doing a “good” job of it. Their books have millions of copies sold. And yet, when people cry foul over Harry Potter, I often wonder what else they are letting their children indiscriminately read.

My friend’s daughter got into reading the “classics” surrounding Latin Literature after reading Percy Jaxon books. When it was revealed one of the characters was gay the author explained that he was actually sticking true to the story of the Greek Gods. My friend had me–and another person–filtering the “new” book and she had NO idea that she was accessing lurid tales of gay relationships when reading Homer and about ancient Rome. Her mom figured historic=wholesome. Yet once we were made aware by the later Percy Jaxon book…we reviewed what she had read…and had to sit down and have some really important talks.

Truly she would have been better off with Harry Potter. But because her mother was fixated on “keeping her away from bad influences” she ended up receiving an education in far worse without any guidance.

I get anxious whenever I see parents or adults dismiss a subject like “magic” outright and demonize a singular book, especially when the author has made many statements to the contrary.


With magic and sorcery.


Because it’s a fantasy series.


Magic and sorcery are not “fantasy” or something to be messed with because it is affiliated with the occult which is very real.


Yes you can. As long as you can realize it is fiction it is fine. I mean Star Wars could be considered heretical too. Look at Thomas Moore’s " Utopia". Totally unorthodox but fiction and he knew that.


Magic and sorcery have been a part of world literature, including Christian literature, for thousands of years.


Magic and sorcery are synonyms – they mean the same thing.

Your ideas were addressed in earlier posts. Before jumping in on a long thread, one should really take the time to read through the thread and see how many times one’s thoughts have already been commented on.

HP doesn’t condone magic in the real world. It’s a work of fiction in a fictional world.

The characters in this imaginary world are either born with magical abilities or they aren’t. The main characters (at least the good guys) demonstrate many virtues. To imply otherwise means you haven’t read the books or that you don’t know what virtue is. I must assume it’s the former.

There is a great good that can come from using stories of fantasy to teach the value of virtue and danger of vice. That’s what HP does. But if it offends you, don’t read it.


I’ve heard stories of exorcisms being where when it is asked how they got to them, the answer is Harry potter. I have heard it has actual spells in them.
For people that say magic isn’t real. Trust me, there’s demons. They are præternatural entities and as such have power above the natural. Think of it like a lying work to deceive.


You’ve “heard of.” So have I and none are credible, they are just that: Stories. What are “actual” or real spells? By the way, the spells in HP are dog Latin and made up by Rowling.
Read through the thread. Your assertions have been addressed many times over upthread.



Once again, please show the common courtesy of actually reading at least SOME of the thread before posting. This has already been addressed ad nauseum.

The spells are not real – they are just Latin-ish jibberish.

Of course there are demons. But people need to stop crying wolf (or demon) all the time.

There is real evil in the world – and the world won’t listen to us because some Catholics keep screaming that innocuous things are evil, or even satanic. :cry:


They can’t provide textual proof of it but at least one poster claims a priest/exorcist says so. That makes me wonder if he’s correct or not.
I, myself, only read the first HP book in the series. I’m just not into fantasy.


It’s pig Latin and Latinesque gibberish. The claim isn’t true


Ityay isyay otnay igpay atinlay.


I’ve ‘heard’ Catholics worship Mary as a Goddess and that we are the Scarlet Woman from the book of Revelation. It’s got to be true, after all I’ve heard it.


The usual claim is the later Fr. Amorth said this. The problem is the articles that claim this often make factual errors in other directions such as calling the late Fr. Amorth chief exorcist of the Vatican (no such position exists) or jumping from the fact that Fr, Amorth did not like the books to the position that this means the Vatican has officially condemned them. I do like fantasy but don’t regard HP as high point of that genre although Rowling improved at points as she writing the series but was in severe need of an editor to rein her in at times as the series went on in my opinion.

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