Harry Potter. Sin or no?


I didn’t just hear it from some random person but from a priest who was giving a talk in a video uploaded by Sensus Fidelum.


And regardless of being a priest or not he is still required to demonstrate from the text his claims if he makes them. If he can do so great, if not then they fall under the heading of hearsay.


And again, as I’ve said so many times on this forum over the years, Rowling has explicitly stated that Wicca has no place in her fantasy world but that the Christian symbolism was very much deliberate - especially in the 7th book where Harry lays down his life for his friends, rises again, and breaks the Dark Lord’s hold over his loved ones. Occultists should be the ones who are upset… not Christians. She made it clear that their “magic” has no correlation in her world.


A priest who is well known on these forums because this has come up many times. Father has some very odd views on certain matters. These are explicitly Christian works of fantasy… the Occult has no place here. Real spells arent silly dog Latin either.


I don’t think anyone thinks they are literary masterpieces… but they did make Rowling a billionaire for a reason. There is a child-like English charm to them that captivated the imagination of millions.


Endless obfuscation surrounds this topic, on one occasion wen this came up on the old version of the forum the proposition that having to read a text to understand it in context was a modern ‘novelty’ was put forward after it became clear one of the authors cited as condemning Rowling’s work clearly had not read much of it.

By the way twf, I doubt anyone thinks of them as literary masterpieces, as you say the charm is that they appeal to certain stereotypical notions of England as found in other children’s novels.


THAT was Fr. Ripperger, only one of the best and most knowledgeable exorcists in our time. I LOVE FR RIPPERGER WOOOOOOOOO

edit: So yeah I do believe him when he says harry potter causes demonic attacks.


Fr Ripperger has already been established as not been particularly familiar with the text of these works, his knowledge as an exorcist is likely far greater than most here, however if he cites a work as harmful I still hold he is not automatically released from the rule of having to prove his point just as anyone else would via reference to the text. If he maintains there are authentic spells and magical rituals in the text then he needs to provide concrete evidence of that. Otherwise regardless of who he is he is repeating hearsay and it is intellectually lazy.


But why play with fire and mess around with Harry Pooter’s magic spells and all of these magic tricks? Fr. Ripperger stated he LITERALLY COMMUNICATED with a demon and asked how it possessed a person and he said harry potter. Harry Potter is just a bunch of black magic (even if it is fake magic guess what? it still promotes magic and heavily influences the youth) in a movie for “entertainment”.


There’s no magic spells to play with, the books use dog Latin which is meaninglessly grammatically. Demons also lie and even if it was telling the truth the fact these books were a route for one person to be possessed are not sufficient to serve as some sort of generalization about them. I presume you have read the books since you seem keen to critique them. Fr Ripperger claims rather ridiculously in one video addressing these books that he heard of a woman in Spain who used a spell from the books to burn down her house, as far as I’m concerned one he starts claiming stuff like that he has rendered himself open to questions regarding the veracity of his claims straight away. If you want I shall link to the video where he makes that rather odd claim.


The burning house down thing seems unreasonable. Yes, I have read two of the books from the series a while back lol. Please link the video with the time stamp.


Here’s the video at least. If you give me a bit I’ll give you a time stamp as well:- http://latinandabeer.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/fr-ripperger-on-harry-potter.html

Lsten to the first minute or two of the audio and you’ll hear him make this claim and also the claim about ‘Rowlings’ (there is no s in her name when used in that manner either by the way) going to witch school. He also then starts claiming 60 percent of the names in the book are those of real demons but back tracks and says he is not sure that’s true or not as he only ‘heard it’. Basically I wouldn’t trust anything this man told me about a work of literature given the standards he is working to in this audio piece. He uses hearsay, gossip and is not in the slightest familiar with the text he critiques. It seems a very, very poor approach to take especially when making serious accusations against the author.


So I guess there is mixed feelings about whether Harry Potter is ok or not?


Yep, it’s an endless dead horse that keeps reappearing on these forums. However, you will have to find me something a lot more convincing and well argued than Fr. Ripperger’s take to convince me the books are ‘evil’. His take rests on a shoddy understanding of the works and his attempt to criticize it would have got him thrown out of any English class I ever attended and a failing grade.


Then I’m afraid he is mistaken. There is barely any real Latin in HP. This is nothing more than an appeal to authority and I even question your source’s authority.

If you don’t want to read HP, that is entirely up to you, but these tiresome attacks, many which seem either paranoid or bizarre, are deeply unfair. And as I said elsewhere, magic is a significant part of European literature, even in the Christian period. You might as well call Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel or Snow White, or heck, Cinderella demonic because all these traditional stories contain witches or faery god mothers who exhibit magic, even sorcerous powers.


I watched the full video. He has great points, however, you have misunderstood what he was saying about the woman’s house burning down. He said there was a fire in the woman’s house and she used a harry potter magic spell. She didn’t grab a bucket of water, she just said a spell hoping it would go away. By doing this, she put her trust in a false security which is not Christ. Pope Francis makes it very clear to not put our trust in false securities such as magic, spells, horoscopes, and palm readings. Fr. Ripperger makes very good points in the video, but after all, it is your choice to acknowledge the facts he stated.


Curious. The story usually goes that she started a fire using using a spell.


Pardon my misunderstanding lol


He doesn’t state any facts, he uses gossip and a complete lack of logic. Nor does he at any point back up his absurd claims about ‘witch schools’ or other pieces of nonsense he throws around in that excerpt. I’d remove kids from any near Fr. Ripperger as he represents in a very concrete form the problem of fundamentalism creeping into Catholicism, that fortunately is far less of a problem in Ireland or the UK but seems to be an issue at times in the US. Not that it never happens here, it is just less of an issue.


This is a clear case of mental illness. Point blank. To blame it on a book is ludicrousness. One can attribute just about anything to a work of fiction. I mean, did she also try and click her heels together 3 times and say “no place like home?”

Quite frankly, this is entirely concerning that an exorcist priest would not dismiss an act of mental illness outright, rather than make a claim about trusting God.

There seems to be a large case of false equivalency towards what occurred with Ripperger and the rightful concerns of the Pope. The Pope’s message IS important, but his message dosn’t give any more weight to the comments of someomeone who’s jumping at his own shadow.

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