Harry Potter. Sin or no?


The fact you have tried to use these spells is proof enough that you shouldn’t read Harry Potter.


They don’t. Really. It is a fictional world where some people are born with magical ability. Kind of like being born with a rare mutation that gives a person a talent. They go to a school to learn how to control this natural ability, making the magical and non-magical worlds safer from wild magic.


I know, I read one of them to see what all the fuss was about. Maybe I needed to read another one to understand, but like I said, fantasy and sci-fi aren’t my thing.


:rofl: Oh, my. You can’t be Sirius! Because…as much as I hate to admit it… I’m a muggle. I don’t have magical ability and Accio only works if someone in the same room as me gets tired of me repeating “Accio pen!” and retrieves said pen and hands it to me. /*


Except one work is not a trilogy…


I can’t figure out if they quit reading at book 3, don’t know what a trilogy is, or are just repeating what some priest said.


I think it’s the latter.


And that’s a problem.

Like you said, fantasy fiction isn’t your cup of tea so unless it’s really important to you to defend your position I’m not sure reading it (again?) is worth it. I would love to be able to speak with first-hand knowledge about the 50 shades books and the abusive relationship but I won’t waste my time on poor writing and ignorance of a sub-culture. I haven’t read Twilight on principal. It’s a disadvantage, but oh well. :woman_shrugging:


That much has become abundantly clear…


And yet, you’re here.


Indeed. Quite strenuously asserting how much they don’t care.


LOL, I haven’t read 50 Shades of Grey, or Twilight, either.
The former because it’s smut, from what I’ve heard (yes, from what I’ve heard, not personally experienced), and Twilight because they strike me as being more for the young adult crowd.

Speaking of smut, I did read half of Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill, based on all the people who loved it, and it was so smutty, I dropped it on the floor next to my bed, and got rid of it.

I prefer to read cozy mysteries.


Sort of like accusing JRR Tolkien, a fellow Catholic, of writing a work of the occult, no?


Who happens to be “they”?


I had the deep misfortune of watching the film (well, to be honest, I spent much of the time surfing my phone in my jacket), and was informed that much of the dialogue was lifted from the book. So I can inform you that not only was it smut, but it sounded like smut written by a 14 year old. If you’re going to make smut, at least put some effort into it.


The Church has taken pretty strong positions against gay marriage. It certainly did in Canada a decade ago when it was legalized. So we can add the Church’s views on certain topics to the list of things you don’t seem terribly familiar with.


In what ways exactly, is our beloved Church not taking a stand on gay marriage?


If you are going to have a shade of credibility when you criticize something I am afraid you do have to some familiarity with the text of a work. Otherwise frankly your opinions sound very ill-informed.


I wont read anything to do with the occult and i wont apologize for it!


The beloved Church believes in moral relativism now instead of moral absolutes of right and wrong.

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