Harry Potter. Sin or no?


So, having no personal knowledge of the books in question, without having verified any claim, you declare some random priest to be the authority on the wickedness of Harry Potter?

I’m fairly certain the faux Latin spells found in the HP books are not used by real occultists, who would, I hope, actually know enough Latin to make it sound convincing. You can pick any authority figure you like, but let me be first to say this priest is hopelessly wrong.


Oh man that was funny! :rofl:


I would agree that some people should not read them. No one who can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality should read any fiction at all, for that matter.
These books are about friendship, and loyalty, and opposing evil, and doing the right thing even when it’s difficult. Good lessons for us all.


There we go again with the Abortion dribble again. Do you ever get tired bringing that up in every conversation? It is like when a Protestant starts to lose a debate, they launch into their anti-Catholic diatribe. I personally see no distinction here.


Priests do not become an exception to the rule of having to provide evidence for assertions. Father Ripperger is obviously not familiar with the source material he is critiquing, that sort of dangerous approach has yielded much bad fruit over the centuries. As to the whole Democrat vs. Republican battle royale developing the thread is about a book by an English author.


You want a lecture on comics you have to get Mr. Carnelian in for that. I’d bow to GKC for this if he was still with us as If I am an expert he was the grandmaster. You are talking about Frederic Wertham and the whole, “Seduction of the Innocent” farrago. Wertham started with good intentions and was actually a fairly laudable man in many ways, I say that even though his name is mud to many serious fans of comic book. The problem is he didn’t really understand the medium and brought some weird conclusions to bear, although some of this points did have some basis in fact. His conclusion that Catwoman is essentially modelled on a dominatrix had some merit, funny enough given the rather busy sexual life of the creator of Wonder Woman he never went so crazy with regards to her. It’s been suggested that may have been due to her creator been psychologist and although he was dead by the time Wertham was writing his work friends of his and some of his lovers who were also in the medical profession were alive. He perhaps did not want to annoy someone in the same game as him. In any case by the period Wertham was writing Wonder Woman which in it’s earliest issues was one of the most bizarre and odd things ever published had become rather staid.

Wertham was really reacting against EC comics, some of whose output would cause jaws to drop today. Examples include a story where the players of a baseball team take revenge on a player they hate by chopping him up alive and using his arms and bits of bodies to play a match with . Crime Does Not pay by another company was also notorious, it included scenes such as a mobster being tired face down behind a speeding car and dragged along a road with commentary by the hoods in the car about this in the panels.


No. I listen to him and priests like him for spiritual guidance, so he’s not some random priest to me. This priest, who is both a priest and exorcist is so by the authority of God. If I only listened to him about his views on Harry Potter your argument might hold some water…but I listen to him on all sorts of topics and his personal holiness and wisdom are very apparent. And these priests are very fluid in Latin.


Then he should know that the Latin in Harry Potter is pig Latin.


Fluent, not fluid. This still does nor render his views any more credible on the subject under discussion. I am going to bluntly ask straight out that those claiming that demonic entities are named in the books reference some of these passages.


I could say the same of you regarding the “republican dribble”. Honestly…do you ever get tired of bringing that up in every conversation?


I’m sure he will be able to show examples of where the following are used in the occult then:


I’ll make this wiki for others to give examples.


Much of it is essentially nonsense if you try and translate it…




Sorry, Harry Potter uses dog latin. Very different thing. But you’re right, these priests should be able to interpret what the “spells” say literally even though what they are probably most knowledgeable of is ecclesiastical Latin.


Thanks for the correction! I knew it was some kind of animal, at least :wink:


Can we focus on the Harry Potter stuff?


Could be. I looked into the wicca content on youtube and even talked to some of them. Broken languages are the rule. Spells in English are also miss-spoken. The witches know the demons are dangerous to them too so in order to be protected they introduce a system to mistakes to make it seem like nothing is happening. Also ritual laughter and mocking the demons so they don’t get affected by dark feelings they feel. The ones I spoke to have no respect for the Untold one, they just want to know how to cast spells. They say all is good, most of the spells are blessings anyway, they say they protect us all. Some witches are atheist they just want to study and manipulate natural elements. But my guess is they have no idea what they are doing. The book says it’s actually good to grow this kind of powers if you have them and to do so you must study witchcraft. I don’t have kids but if I did I would definitely be challenged how to forbid this without frustrating them and making them even more attracted to this story. I’m sure JK Rowling imagines she did a great thing. Funny thing is that despite their easy going all witches have absolute despise and cannot stand Jesus Christ. They refuse to discuss it. They say it is made up and look at the Inquisition how many people died and then end of story.


Yeah, JKR trotted out the “Dumbedore is gay” thing long after the last book was published and she had safely made most of the money she would ever make from the series.

Bona fide LGBT hero, that.

That was the moment I lost all respect for JKR.


Being gay is not a sin. Being gay is just part of who you are.

Even if you accept that Dumbledore was gay, he was a successful, happy, single, celibate gay person, who did not tie his identity to his sexuality.

What is so terribly wrong with the fact that she created a good person who was gay?


I have read all the books in high school and became a fanatic; I loved them.

It has a good message. Yet the occult practices I say wouldn’t benefit society very well. I bet it had an influence on those who wished to pursue the occult.

It also was a huge waste of time. I could have been doing something much better with my time but instead locked myself in my room and read all day.


I don’t have time to address every point but this is wrong. Most witches don’t believe in God at all so can’t hate someone that doesn’t exist. There are those who call themselves Christian, even Catholic witches.Not sure what to make of them but they do consider themselves wirches and they do not hate Christ.

If I have time I’ll address the other but I’ll have to dig through some stuff.

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