Harry Potter. Sin or no?


Exactly. That’s part of what makes it such a silly gambit.


Indeed. How could you ever disprove that against any work? Maybe The Catcher In The Rye is filled with encoded spells, maybe Raymond Chandler detective novels are.

In reality, I think it is just some people unwilling to admit that they’ve been duped by what amounts to a conspiracy theory. The spells in HP are just pig latin or some muddled Latin words, used for effect. There’s no hidden or encoded magic, and while yes, the story is about wizards, I’ve always viewed it as a story about friendship, loyalty, honor, and doing the right thing, even when it involves personal risk. The magic is the setting, but the story itself is of good conquering evil.


In fact, up thread I was quite clear that I’ve been trying the “wingardium leviosa” spell for years and have yet to levitate anything.


Tolkien is someone I could go on about for hours as well, there was a point where I could quote whole sections of the LOTR. His work also helped me through the death of a parent and soI have a particular relationship with his work because of this, even more so when I learnt his life story later and realized he had a parent die when he was at an even younger age.


C’mon there, you’re just not putting in the right effort, you need to put the stress on the first syllable of leviosa when saying it. I don’'t know, young wizards these days…


Mine is somewhat similar. I was bullied a lot as a kid, and I found LotR was a way I could escape those difficulties. I still re-read it every five or six years. It’s like an old friend, and we’ll spend a few weeks every few years getting reacquainted.


As a life long reader of tantasy, comics and sci-fi and a professional nerd the idea the HP is Satanic has always had me laughing. It some of the people going on about that could see the stuff DC comics was chucking out (and still does mind you) they would be revising their notions very quickly. However that is much more niche product stuff, DC’s more magical characters (with the possible exception of Constantine to some degree) have never really jumped on to the big screen to any degree and thus that sort of stuff passes under the radar.


One would be wiser to watch out for the ever-popular Golden Compass–which the Author actively admits is created to drive people to atheism and to mock Christianity. It’s now being made into children’s toys and a whole bunch of series and I NEVER hear an outcry against it. 'Cause cool dystopian vs eeeeeeeevil Magic.


It didn’t do too well as a movie series and has somewhat faded away to some extent.


Wasn’t the film a flop?


Not sure that’s true. NPR just ran a story about his upcoming book and the BBC Television series. And I think I saw an advert for a line of toys, too.


If it influences you and your way of thinking yes. Harry Potter does not reflect Christian virtue, so I think it is best to not watch it.


Ugh. I am not a fan of this series in any way, I wouldn’t stop someone from reading it but I think it has very shallow views on good and evil and is not one I’d love to see adapted into a telly show, I thought it’s moment in the sun had passed. Perhaps not.


The main character is willing to sacrifice himself at great cost fo defend his friends, resists giving in to the temptation to avenge himself bloodily on the murderer of his parents and numerous characters sacrifice everything including their life to preserve their integrity. seems fairly reasonable as role models go.


The Church doesn’t really have a stance on this kind of stuff as far as I know, so it’s up to our prudential judgment as others have said. I would personally encourage something like ‘Lord of the Rings’ instead which isn’t questionable when it comes to the author and content.

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

Thank you for reading.


I’d definitely discourage it’s reading. The author has made his pro-atheist, and especially his anti-Catholic and anti-Christian intentions know. I don’t think that one can “stop” others unless they are minors in one’s care.

My point is that while it has not captured the public’s imagination quite as much the danger is immeasurably higher. Whether or not Rowling achieved her goal in inserting Christianity, and whether or not she did through via an appropriate vehicle the intention was to respect the faith at the very basic. Pullman’s intention, both overtly and by his own admission, are purely evil and he fully intends to drive the reader towards anti-christianity, anti-Catholic princibles and encourage atheism.


Yeah, he’s a pretty glum chap, I’ve read some of his columns and comments over the years. He is not fond of interjecting balance into his remarks I’ve noticed. He casually dismisses religion in a tone that might almost be ironically seen as zealous.


Oh I’ve seen LOTR condemned as Satanic to, not so often and it’s far more rare but I’ve seen that done and attacks on Narnia of a similar kind. Easier to do with Narnia to some extent as Lewis used elements of pagan myth in the books which left room for people to jump all over them.


Yea, but I know that’s not true, I feel I can trust the Author enough to dismiss such claims.

God Bless You

Thank you for reading.


I’d dismiss claims of HP or LOTR being Satanic. I find this quite ludicrous to be honest.

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