Harry Reid says he wishes Al Franken would run again for office

Me too! I love Al.

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“Anyone who wants a second chance, it’s always there for everyone,” she said. “We’re a country that believes in second chances. We believe in someone who has humility, who comes forward to say they’re sorry and that they have paid consequences and want to reemerge … There’s always a path for redemption for anybody.”

If He thinks He’s good enough, He’s smart enough, and doggone it, that people like him, then maybe he should run again.

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It always should have been up to the voters. His situation was nothing like with Conyers and other Reps accused of abusing their power over staff.

I don’t like Al and I hope he loses, but he did get a raw deal.
He was the sacrifice they thought would bring down Trump.

There’s always the risk that if Al ran again, ten more Me-Toos would come out of the woodwork.

Maybe best to just leave it be.

Yes he was a sacrifice. For the high road moral authority. But it didn’t work.

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Yeah, he was supposed to be the answer to Trump saying the “P” word.

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