Harsh Words


I’m going through my posts and I have to admit that I’ve said things without taking into account how they would land here for Christians. So I want to apologize to anyone I’ve offended or angered. Sometimes it is difficult convey in a forum post the spirit behind the words. Like email, a lot can get lost in transmission.

So let me just lay out some basic beliefs of mine that underlie all my posts.

I absolutely believe that any christian can pursue a relationship with God through their faith.

That while Judaism is the true religion for me, I believe that Christianity is the true religion for others. Both religions offer a structure for one to bring the sacred into their lives.

While aggressiveness in a religious debate on a forum is inevitable to some degree, a lot of that aggressiveness, for me, is limited to these types of exchanges, and not something that carries over into normal day to day conversations with me.

Anyway, I’ll make an effort to be more mindful of my words in the future.


I can appreciate this. I sometimes get carried away too. It can be easy to do when you feel strongly about something. Also as you said this medium that we use to communicate while amazing has its limitations.

Personally I think it’s good that you have the humility to check yourself and try to consider how what you say can affect people.


It’s funny, Valke. I was thinking about pming you and asking if I had offended you in any way! Personally, I have enjoyed our discussion on abortion. I didn’t find you to be at all “harsh” - although I was a little surprised that you thought we found the KJV authoritative! :stuck_out_tongue:

Similarly, I hope you didn’t find my comments to be rude.



I enjoy reading your posts. You may show passion and zeal in your debating, but you never seem to resort to name-calling.

You seem to add posts that are objective, as you aren’t Catholic, and that is good as it keeps us in line so to speak.

I think we all get a bit heated sometimes, and our typing conveys the wrong tone of voice.
That is the peril of adding religion to typing.

God bless hon :slight_smile:


Yeah, Valke adds invaluable perspective to the forum, much like Mystophilus (although I haven’t seen him for a while), Contarini (although he’s on a break), GKC, Truthstalker and the good father Ambrose, to name but a few.


Hi Valke2, I respect you for your beliefs in Judaism. I actually have a really good friend who was raised as an Orthodox Jew, but later became Reform, once he was of age and no longer had to worry about what his parents told him. I know quite a bit about the Jewish religion, as a result, and I respect you and your fellow believers very much! :heart: I hope that I will always be charitable to you and to your fellow brothers and sisters who are Jewish. Please forgive me if I say something that IS uncharitable. God Bless you.


i’ve never seen you saying harsh things Valke. i enjoy your posts alot :slight_smile: :thumbsup: you have helped me alot in some of my posts, and iam very thankful for your help :slight_smile:


Valke, I enjoy your posts. I think sometimes things get “lot in translation,” but I think that is inevitable when we’re typing a mile a minute and we know what we’re trying to say, but when it comes out on a post, it “sounds” different.



I appreciate your sentiment here and i am far from the oftenest poster, but I have never even remotely considered you combative or contentious or anything even remotely like it.

You have always struck me as a thoughtful person who cares more about people than about making theological slam dunks.



I’ve never really seen you say anything offensive, though, I don’t think. Of course, I guess it all boils down to how people decide to interpret things. It’s a lot harder to convey certain tones of language on a message board and so they get more prone to misunderstanding.

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