Harshness of lessons in Gods love?

Does this seem harsh?
Yes God is NOT a God to be mocked. Our Bible tells us that “thou shalt not put the Lord thy God to the test” Putting this straight in any way we think, that is the way we will be blessed or cursed it is not by God but by our own thoughts love for God and His creation or lust for worldly position and possession.
What we sew the bible tells us we will reap.
harsh…no, only that if we wish to have eternal love for ever then it starts here on earth. We can do it because Jesus tells us that “Heaven is within us” that means that the peace of God is within us and the spirit of God poors out when the Holy Spirit is in command. Amen


Good post. God is fair. Each receives what one sows. Eternal life starts now, if we want it. The Kingdom of God is within. Whomsoever wants to drink, let him drink!

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