Harvard Hypocrites

So Harvard will rescind your acceptance if they find something they don’t like on Social media,

but they think it’s inappropriate for the Dept of State to rescind visas when they find questionable content !?!?

Public vs. private?

Is that what you think happened?

Of course.

Since some have short memories, I’m contrasting this Harvard refusal of entry with the recent story of Harvard outrage when Immigration refused entry to one of their students, after reviewing their social media.

It’s got nothing to do with public/private, just pointing out hypocrisy.

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Some may. But the answers don’t suggest in the least a lack of memory: they properly undercut the comparison. And if that is not enough, there is plenty more.

The Boston CBP, of the Department of Homeland Security, returned a student, who had been granted a Visa by the State Department (then re-affirmed by the State Department) on the basis of Facebook posts made by other people with whom he was Facebook friends.

Harvard reversed its admission to students who themselves engaged in a Facebook group in ways that that institution found inappropriate. This is not about social media per se, but about the content that one creates.

As a government institution, we citizens have the right to expect that HHS and State act in concert and without caprice, but on reasonable suspicion. We have no such standing over a private institution. Nor does that private institution carry free speech obligation of public school.

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