Harvard Researcher: Pope is Right About AIDS/CONDOMS


Say good-bye to his career where he is. Watch.

That we cannot have complete Sexual Freedom and effective prevention at the same time

This statement says it all! Awesome. I agree that he will find his career in flames soon. Too bad intellectual honesty does that to you at elitist, liberal institutions. :shrug:

Must be really awful to get gored by your own ox like that…

Nah, Prof. Green has been outspoken about this view for years. We’ve had several threads in the past which have quoted him. He’s doing just fine.

I take that back. His organization has to leave Harvard, and he is not talking about its future yet. I wonder what is going on, since he has been promoting this viewpoint for 20 years. :confused:

Great! …no, wait!

Maybe people were finally starting to listen.

There was a Harvard president that got whacked for saying the wrong things not too many years ago. When the goal becomes indoctrination, dissenting voices just get in the way.

The secular orthodoxy of the universities is every bit as dogmatic as the Catholic Magesterium.

He speaks the truth and gets punished for it. How disgusting. :mad: Not that it is surprising in the least though. Is this professor a Catholic I wonder? :shrug::confused:

At the end of the article in the first post, the professor is asked if he was “Catholic, or a Christian, or any kind of religionist?”

He replied:

[quote=Edward C. Green]I believe in the God of my own understanding but belong to no church or religious group.

I looked at the original article–and the editorial that Green wrote for the Washington Post. It seems to me that the nuances of his response have been ignored:

… The Pope said he thought money alone could not solve the problem; moreover “If there is no human dimension, if Africans do not help by responsible behaviour, the problem cannot be overcome by the distribution of prophylactics: on the contrary, they increase it.” Notice the construction: if no responsible sexual behaviour (or primary prevention) then condom distribution will not overcome risky sexual behaviour, which is surely the case in Africa’s generalised HIV epidemics…

**The root of the problem is that people do not use condoms consistently, no matter how they are promoted. A little bit of condom use might be like a little bit of antibiotic use—not ultimately helpful.

We declare that we have no conflicts of interest.**


From the editorial in the Washington Post, he stated:

**Let me quickly add that condom promotion has worked in countries such as Thailand and Cambodia, where most HIV is transmitted through commercial sex and where it has been possible to enforce a 100 percent condom use policy in brothels (but not outside of them). In theory, condom promotions ought to work everywhere. And intuitively, some condom use ought to be better than no use. But that’s not what the research in Africa shows. **

So, while he agrees with the Holy Father, he does not agree because he is against use of condoms as a moral issue, but rather that he feels that condom use in Africa is not consistent enough to be effective.

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