Has a bishop ever been removed from office?

Has this ever happened? When was the last time it did happen. Often I hear of Bishops stepping down, but never getting kicked out or defrocked or asked to leave by the Vatican. So can a Bishop be removed from office? and what are the reasons he could be removed?

Bishops can be removed from office just like priests.

There are bishops right now that at odds with the Vatican, and thus don’t hold offices. The SSPX bishops, some bishops ordained without Vatican permission (such as in China), etc. I seem to remember another bishop (I think he was a cardinal) years ago that ran off and got married.

Emmanuel Milingo was removed. And it took some *real doing *on his part.

Usually I think they are allowed to resign or retire, like Gabino Zavala.

Do you mean something like this?
Edited to add: Or do you mean actually being removed from the clerical state?

While this is not necessarily unheard of, it was an usual and unexpected thing considering that it took less than 2 months for the Bishop’s resignation to be accepted, that’s pretty fast in “Church time”. Even he was surprised! :eek:

There is lots of speculation as to why this happened, but I doubt we will ever know the whole story.

More unfortunate examples…


The former Bishop of Boston, Fr. Bernard Shaw did step down do to his handeling of the sex abuse cases that exploded under him. He ended up being the fall man for what happen in the Archdioces of Boston which started the whole priest/sex scandals across the country.

Do you mean Cardinal Law?

He’s still a Bishop and a Cardinal, although he’s beyond voting age for a new Pope.

Yes, Cardinal Law! It was a sad situation.

Bishops are ordained. You cannot “unordain” someone, any more than you can “unbaptize” them, or “unmarry” them.

They (bishops) can be removed from office, and presumably laicized (that is, their faculties removed - they have no power to confect sacraments) but once a bishop, always a bishop. Maybe an excommunicated one, but still a bishop.

I think you mean that they cannot licitly confect sacraments. If they could not actually confect sacraments then the SSPX and the Orthodox would not have ordained Clergy.

Our local bishop has 2 cars and one has a private number pale!!!

He lives in luxury while on the other hand asks for money for the church!

Yikes, this can’t be right?

Diocesan priests don’t take a vow of poverty. And you’ll likely find that the Bishop makes much less than a CEO with a comparable education, staff, and budget does. He might have inherited money, too. Do you know what percentage of his salary goes to charity?

The man has given up having home and family, let him at least have a car.

Are you sure that what you are saying is not rumors? the way you are presenting this sounds like rumors and gossip.

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