Has a Mass Ever Been Held Outside Of Earth's Atmosphere


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I get work thoughts at night sorry. Once I texted pope Francis about how he had a cool back and asked him if he ever got weird thoughts at night as I do. He never responded just as I expected but hey. Anyways I can’t find the answer to this question so…


Has a priest ever been in outer space ?, don’t think so, imo


Work thoughts?


Nah. Lol though


I don’t believe Mass has ever been said in space. But Communion has been received in space.


Sure…and they called it High Mass…I think!


Do have any article for that? If you do I’d be genuinely curious to read so. (My understanding is that there’s only ever been pyxes carried up, not a Mass-saying priest.)

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hey, Star Trek was right, there are sounds in space . . .




Buzz Aldrin took Communion on the moon in 1969, but he was Presbyterian, not Catholic.


Jesus said to his apostles, “I shall not drink again of the fruit of the vine, until I drink it with you in my Father’s house.” I think there is some sort of communal meal with the Lord that might be somewhat similar to Mass in God’s Kingdom, and it definitely is beyond Earth’s atmosphere.


Wrong and another example of heretical thoughts on CAF. :wink:

It’s called Mass of the Angels :smiley:


No, it’s actually
Missa de Alienus


Depends where heaven is. A mass is always going on there!

Mass has never been given in space.
As a matter of fact, a Catholic priest has never gone into space, who could have had a 

mass there. If a priest had ever been an astronaut and gone into space, Catholics certainly would have heard about this.
A Catholic astronaut once took consecrated hosts into space so he could have communion in space for a month or so. He had cleared this with the Church so that he could do it.


I don’t think that term is actually used unless the Centaurians stay to the end and actually get dismissed . . .




Everyone email your local bishops and archbishops about “From the Vatican to the Stars” a new Catholic space program that needs to be started. We are going to send a colony of 2000 Catholics: 3 deacons, 6 priests, and a bunch of workers with families to Mars. There they will build a town and a parish. Name the city New Rome City and start the archdiocese of NRC. Then they can convert a bunch of aliens and Mars can become property of the Catholic Church by popular vote of Martians.


The astronauts on the space stations speak with Pope Francis. No doubt if an are Catholic, they get a Mass broadcast.


I attended Mass prior to the Battle of Reach.


Unfortunately only humans can become Catholic. Other than that I like your plan. But who will translate Our Father into Martian?

Side note: There is apparently a Klingon translation.


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