Has America's Form of Christianity Left the Church in 'Spiritually Dead' Condition?

A California pastor says he is concerned about the state of the church and believes that Christianity in America has shifted away from the Gospel and instead of being the light of the world, Christians are beginning to look just like the world.

Shane Idleman, founder and lead pastor of Westside Christian Fellowship in Lancaster, Calif., wrote a blog post directed towards church leaders who he says have exchanged the truth for tolerance. He urges them and the rest of the Christian community to reflect on whether they are affecting the world or being infected by it.


I personally think so.

I have visited many parishes, and a lot of them are what call: “Busy but dead.”

There is a lot going on, but there is little substance and when it comes to getting folks to actually serve others, well the interest in being involved drops off a cliff. This is not true everywhere, but true enough to make one wonder just how healthy the Church really is in this country.

The rejection of the Sacraments leads invariably to such a state. As well, the “gospel of prosperity” has crept in once the Sacraments were abandoned. Spiritual emptiness is essentially guaranteed as the focus shifts to what God can do for us and not what we can do for God’s glory.

Very well said. The “gospel of prosperity” you mention is a major problem. Sometimes I feel like folks think if they throw money at a problem that is all they should have to do. This often leads me to think we could all benefit from a little more austerity in our Parishes and a whole lot more “elbow grease.”

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