Has anybody ever seen an angel?


I have recently read a book where people share their encounters with angels. I was wondering whether anyone here has every seen one? I keep praying to see one, but I never seems to work!:frowning:



No, I have never seen an angel. :angel1:

But on numerous occasions, my Guardian Angel has made his presence or intervention (protection) felt! :thumbsup:

God bless.



I have felt the presence of my guardian angel. Felt like running into a wall. Kept me out of danger. I still break out in a sweat when I think about it.



I’ve never seen an angel, but I believe that each person has a Guardian Angel, and they’re always all around us :slight_smile:

don’t feel discouraged if your prayer to see an angel wasn’t answered in the way you wanted it to. If you didn’t see an angel, that means it’s not God’s will for you to (at least not yet). That’s alright… it says in the Bible, blessed are those who have not seen yet believed. :slight_smile: also, none of us are really worthy to see one :o it’s a special gift from God. Try not to seek it, and just surrender yourself to His will.

that being said, I think it’s a wonderful idea to develop to a greater devotion to the Angels and to pray to yours! :slight_smile:

God bless



My oldest son has…he was about 2 1/2 and STILL remembers it pretty vividly (he’s 17 now).



I was driving when they announced on the radio that John Paul II had just died. I was upset and had this sudden urge to go to the church. When I arrived at the church, my vehicle was the only one in the parking lot. In the middle of the vestibule in the church was a book of prayer intentions for the Holy Father. As I was looking at it, a woman spoke and said, “Is he gone?”. I turned and there was a woman standing in the corner of the vestibule behind and to the right of where I was standing. I was upset and could nod my head. When I looked back at her again, she was gone. I never heard the doors open or close and when I looked outside, she was no where to be seen. The church and our school are the only building on the block, so I had a clear view of both sides of the street all the way to both corners. I have often wondered who she was.



I doubt if she was an angel. An angel would be more likely to be the one who told you he had died.

Maybe she tiptoed out while you were flipping the pages of the prayer book and you just didn’t hear her. Or maybe she didn’t leave the building at all - maybe she ducked into the ladies’ room.



I don’t know who she was; it was just strange how she disappeared. She couldn’t have tiptoed because of the acoustics in the vestibule or duck into the ladies’ room because she would have had to walk past me and into my line of sight. Perhaps the question was rhetorical like when the women went to the open tomb; surely the angel knew why they were there, but he still asked.




What did your son see?



No, I haven’t. Though I do pray to my guardian angel every night. You know, I used to ask God for an angel encounter. But I figure I’m not ready so I gave up on that! :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet if you keep up the praying it will happen! But remeber: pray sincerly, from the heart. Don’t pray for the sole reason of saying “I saw an angel!” Just be sincere :slight_smile:



I have seen many angels in my life. They wear vestments at the Altar and wear black with white collars when not celebrating the Mass.

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I meant the supernatural ones :slight_smile:

I also didn’t realize until now that your signature line is the Jesus Prayer. Do you pray that?



About 10 years ago I was at my Dad’s house for a visit, and while we were talking he pointed toward the corner of the room and said, “Do you see that angel?” My sister and I both looked at the corner (obviously, eh!!) and said, “No, Dad, we don’t see anything.” Then he looked a bit embarassed (when he realized we didn’t see anything) and changed the subject, so we didn’t say any more about it.

He was in his early 80s and had some health issues, but was never senile or confused.

About two months later Dad died at home of a heart attack. My sister and I have often wondered if Dad saw his Guardian Angel that day.



I had a friend who claimed to have seen an angel. When he told me, my thought was “yeah, right”. Now that I am older and possibly wiser, I feel ashamed of my initial reaction.

Looking back over my life, I believe I have been helped by my guardian angel too many times to count.

Once, he kept my son from being eaten by an alligator!!!

Well maybe it was my son’s angel.



[quote="Prague]I have felt the presence of my guardian angel. Felt like running into a wall. Kept me out of danger. I still break out in a sweat when I think about it.


I’ve heard that people who are very young or people that are older or near death generally see apparitions a lot more than others. The Lord is preparing the elderly for the next life when this happens, I believe. They are soon to go through or are already in a grave trial, the process of dying. And the very young are just full of faith. Possibly God is also getting them ready to start their lives.

My Mom tells me that when I was very little, I saw an angel standing next to her wardrobe in her room while she was reading me Bible stories.

I haven’t seen any angels in visions since then, but I have spiritually heard them, sensed them and seen them in dreams several times.

Several times when I’ve been about to do something wrong, I hear a voice in my head pointing out to me that this is a sin and against God’s will. I don’t believe this is only my conscience. It feels different from simply the conscience, and it’s often more direct and explicit in its explanations of why what I’m doing is wrong and how the reasoning I’ve been using to justify a sinful behavior is actually erroneous.

A couple nights ago, I had a very special experience from my Guardian Angel. I was asleep, and I dreamed that I was tempted to “cross a bridge into sin” (the phrase used in my dream), when a very tall, big man suddenly stood right behind me. His presence was overwhelmingly comforting and so, so strong. It was powerfully strong, someone you could most certainly depend on. He told me that crossing the bridge was wrong, so I didn’t do it.

From the moment I woke up, a hymn was running through my mind over and over and over again, and its words talked about how the Lord watches over His followers and how they need to follow Him.

That day, I ended up having to make some hard decisions in my personal life, so the experience of my Guardian Angel, and the hymn which I believe was my Guardian Angel’s voice speaking to me, were strengthening when I needed them.



aborodki, I don’t recommend praying to see the spirits. We mainly desire this out of curiosity and because it’s so amazing to hear about or imagine, a similar feeling to that of people who want to fly or wish they could see dinosaurs (I know, having experienced those last two desires as well as the desire to see the spirits, and even having prayed for the ability to fly many times). Actually experiencing seeing the spirits, for most people, would make us bulge with vanity. The encounter would go to our heads. Children, or people that are about to die, or saints, are therefore the people that most commonly see apparitions, for they are humble enough and/or sufficiently detached from the world. They are usually at a point where they won’t become vain due to such encounters, and they also often need them, which we don’t, and this is probably one of the big reasons why God graciously gives marvels to these people.

I prayed for years that God would let me see visions, but only on extremely rare occasions have I ever seen anything. After growing in my faith walk to where I am now, I thank God that He has not shown me more, because I believe if He had, I would have become puffed up with vanity. If He isn’t showing me visions, He has a good reason for it, and I personally suspect it’s because visions and me wouldn’t mix well, at least not while I am where I’m at now, spiritually. I’m not that humble. And I won’t any longer pray for marvels or visions- besides, the interior benefits I’ve started receiving since I stopped praying for these are much better than what I had before.

What we really should be praying for is humility. That is what brings us closer to God. Humility is the door to a far deeper experience with God.

Visions are gifts. So are miracles and bilocations and locutions and all the other supernatural phenomenon. What we really need is fruits, for these lead to the perfection of the soul and therefore have lasting value. Besides, when the soul becomes deeply humble and has ceased to even search for apparitions and special marvels from God, but has surrendered this desire and is becoming very detached from the world because it is becoming one with God, that is when it is in a state where He can, if He chooses, begin to give these souls some of His marvels.

I really think I would detonate with false pride if God started giving me, where I am now, what He has given to the saints. I’m much better off seeking humility, and I think that’s true for everyone. St. John of the Cross was strong in urging people not to seek apparitions, and St. Teresa of Avila and St. Faustina described people as usually only receiving them after going through much suffering and after entering the deeper depths of spiritual life. For then they are humble enough, St. Faustina taught, to handle it. Which is great with me now, though I might have been grumpy or sad a few years ago, if I knew about it then. I’m just so grateful for all the graces God has poured out upon me where I am now, graces He has poured out to all the Church through the Sacraments, through the Rosary and all Marian devotion, through all the great wonders that exist within Catholicism.

I realized this week that I’ve been tremendously ungrateful for many things God has done for me throughout my life. Before this week, I never even thanked God really sincerely and deeply for creating me! :eek: I’ve lived 23 years and I never thanked God in a heartfelt way (if I ever did at all- I don’t remember ever having done it) for creating me. I’m focusing my heart now on seeking to become grateful and humble, and am praying for the graces to receive such fruits.

Of course I want to see apparitions too, but I’m grateful God’s will is being done rather than mine in this matter.



My dear friend

If we go to heaven we will do more than see the Blessed Spirits. We’ll enjoy their company and our Blessed Mothers and all the Saints and converse with them eternally. Heaven is the ultimate mystical experience we all get if we behave ourselves. What does it matter if we don’t see Angels for 80 yrs out of eternity?

May the Holy Angels watch over you always:thumbsup::slight_smile:



My son had come out of his room, run into my bedroom, and insisted I come NOW to see this “funny man with no feet” in his room. I walked in, and my son kept pointing, saying, “THERE! RIGHT THERE! DON’T YOU SEE HIM?” He saw in the corner of his room a very tall man with dark hair and no feet! My son has always said he was dressed all in white, was a very nice man, and told my son his name was Michael. He could not believe that I could not see him. What struck him the most funny was that this angel had no feet and that he was not standing on the floor - he was several inches above the floor, with his head near the ceiling.

Edited to add that my son is now 17, and still vividly remembers this encounter. He has talked about it on and off throughout his life, and will bring it up at various points. He is also a very faith-filled, involved young man who loves going to mass, is very involved with LifeTeen, Steubenville, local mission trips, and is a campus minister at his Catholic high school.



I am not sure if the man I saw was an angel or not. My wife and I were moving to LA but we only made it to my sisters house in Arizona before the motor in our car had lost compression. We weren’t going anywhere soon. We ended up renting a room at a local motel and we both got jobs to pay for a new motor. We had barely made enough to cover everything and pay a little to the mechanic to keep him working on our car as Christmas approached. My sister invited us over for dinner but we knew that if we were going to eat the rest of the week, afford the room and give the mechanic money there would be no presents for our two little girls that year.

As we walked to my sisters house with one in the stroller and one holding mom’s hand a man came out of a doorway and sort of stumbled a little. It wasn’t out of the ordinary to see Native American men stumbling out of doorways as the town was only a few miles from the reservation. If they had tied one on the night before it was usual to see several sleeping out in the streets. Anyway, he stumbled towards us and as he did he reached out his hand as if to shake mine and said, “Merry Christmas, Brother,” before passing by and out into the street. As he pulled his hand away I looked to see a ten dollar bill pressed into mine. I was a little taken aback for a second and my wife asked what was wrong. I showed her the note and said, “he just stuck this into my hand.” We both turned around to thank him, but there wasn’t a soul in sight anywhere on the street. Our girls got little baby dolls, coloring books and crayons that Christmas and I still choke up thinking about it.

Twelve years later we were back in Oklahoma. We were still protestants and I’d been reading a lot about the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodoxy. I had gone to bed early and my wife stayed up to finish some dishes in the kitchen. I remember being shaken out of my sleep and my wife was in my face, frantic and white as a sheet. I asked what was wrong and she paused for a moment, and then said, “I don’t really know. Something just happened.” I asked what it was and she said that she’d been standing at the sink rinsing some dishes when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. She turned just in time to see a very large man, taller and as wide as the door frame to the hallway, dressed in a blue jumpsuit and he was merely walking down the hall towards our bedroom. She froze in fear. Then as he passed the door opening another man in a jumpsuit appeared, this time he was black and just as large going towards my children’s room. He turned without entering and started back the other way and the two men passed without looking her way or speaking to one another. She worked up enough courage to cry out but as she was about to open her mouth the first man stopped, looked her dead in the eye and smiled sweetly before vanishing.

She is convinced that she saw sentries keeping watch over our children and ourselves. What’s really interesting is that about a year later a friend loaned me a copy of Frank Peretti’s “This Present Darkness.” On the very first page he describes an angel descending from Heaven and dressed in shining raiments with a sword drawn. As soon as the angel touched down he appeared as any other man and wearing a blue jumpsuit. Not a good book, really, but I was floored and showed my wife and she just burst out laughing and praising God.

Strange, indeed.

All my best . . .



Awesome stories, Catholic90 and Convert66! Thanks so much for sharing them!


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