Has anybody heard of this Catholic PDA bible bookmarks/ And how to get it?

I once came across Catholic notes and bible verses for apologetics that can be downloaded on your phone. But I cant find it no more. Any help would be nice

And Im considering Geting a new phone would one with a microSD™ Removable Memory be compatible with something like this.


I don’t think this is what you are referring to but I use olivetree.com/ and it works really well on my PDA phone. It is not a Catholic organization. You can download Catholic translations. Look at their “Collections” page and you’ll see a “Catholic Collection” of books. They also have bibles in the original languages. I have been using it for quite a few years and it works really well and they update the software regularly.

Oh - and you’ll definitely want a memory card to use with this software. Bibles require a lot of memory which is not a problem if you have an adequate memory card. I carry 15+ full translations on my phone (yes, that’s a little carried away - I’m a geek :smiley: ). But, Like I said, it works great.

This is sorda the concept accept I saw where it had apologetics as well. It was really neat.

Since you seem to know what you are diong would you mind if when I decide what phone I want to go with could you let me know if it would be compatible with what I want to do?

Feel free to ask, I’ll do my best to answer but, while I am a geek, technology is very broad and I only know limited information to support my geek habit.

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what do you think of this phone


Thanks Michael

I have not had great experience with the Motorola phones. I have found their emphasis is on style and less on functionality. And they usually carry a cost premium due to their popularity. I have had very good experience with several LG phones. They tend to emphasize good functional design but they don’t look as cool. They also tend to have more features for less money, maybe because they have to compete with the good-looking razr’s.

That’s only very general information. I would not be able to comment on specific models. Hope that helps!

I can’t recommend a specific forum, but I know they have forums on the web that discuss the current models. I use the Verizon XV6800 and love it. Try Google, or you can try this new search engine that’s in beta testing, www.searchme.com. It has a really cool interface.

Thanks Truarchs

Also it would be neat if these bible apologetics would have responses to often bad interpritations of common verses used by Protestants

This is a great resource: shop.catholicapologetics.com/category.sc?categoryId=2

It would be very helpful to have this available on my phone since I cannot always carry around a set of booklets. Then you would be able to answers more questions on the spot. Sometimes people throw out a comment that you know is wrong but cannot always remember the bible verse so you have to say “I’ll get back to yah!” rather than “well how about John 6:54?”



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