Has anybody read all book from Chronicles of Narnia?

I wonder if anybody read all the books from The Chronicles of Narnia? if yes, what is you oppinion of it? I acctually enjoyed reading it. I find a lot of Christian analogies in it. Which was your favourite one?

Nope,but I did watch every part of on TV and I like the story very much. I can’t see that there is something wrong to like it,as long as we all remember that it is pure fiction.

Yup, they are some of my favs and I read them probably at least once a year. I have favorite parts in all of them, but overall, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is my favorite. :smiley:

Read them all!
Last Battle is my favorite

I like the Last Battle because it parallels the end of the world. I also like the description of “hell” as it relates to the dwarves at the end. Everyone is in Heaven, but because the dwarves are so blind by their hatred and ugliness, they are actually sitting around huddled together thinking that they are trapped in a tiny dark room. They can’t see anything of the beauty that is all around them, even though it’s right there. Everyone else can see them just sitting there, miserable and blind. Great image.

The magician’s nephew is also really cool because it’s about the creation of the world. Great story.

I am currently reading The Silver Chair. I have yet to read The Last Battle. So far I have enjoyed The Magician’s Nephew very much. Others that I enjoyed are the ones that have been made into films. I found The Horse and His Boy a little tedious, but still classic Lewis writing. On the whole, I prefer Lewis over Tolkien, because the prose is simpler, the writer doesn’t have quite the lofty aspirations to become a new mythology, but rather a manifest desire to explain and evangelize Christianity. I appreciate the humanity (and otherworldliness) of the characters, and I often find myself wishing I could escape to Narnia, or Aslan’s country.

I recently purchased all the books in a single volume, unabridged. This edition comes with different cover designs; I chose the Dawn Treader cover. As a child, I owned and loved the whole series, but it seems to my memory that I never read all the books. Naughty, naughty! I am making up for that now, though. I definitely remember reading all of Magician’s Nephew, which is great, being still my favorite.

Yes I have read them all when I was a child. I think many people here have, so you’re in good company! :smiley: I love Narnia; its one of my favorite series of books. I think my favorite is The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe, but I love them all. They are entertaiing, exciting, and have some good messages and symbolisim.

Although I admit the movies (the Walden ones) have their flaws, I am a big fan of them as well. They are planning on filming the Magician’s Nephew next instead of Silver Chair though.

About 15+ years ago or more I got the itch and read them all. I went out and bought the set and wasn’t disappointed. I’ve read them several times since and love them. I can’t wait until my children are old enough to read them and appreciate them.

Never read all of them, but am in the process of doing that now. I found a really nice leather bound edition at B&N, from their classics series, and have just finished The horse and his boy. I’m enjoying the books immensely so far!

I read them all as a child, and am now reading them to my children. We’re currently on the 3rd book, The Horse and His Boy. I had forgotten just how much Christian symbolism there was in them, and it makes discussions with my children easier. We can relate something we’ve read to something they’ve been learning in Religion class at school. The best discussion we’ve had so far centered on what occured to and through Aslan at the Stone Table in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. It’s amazing what 2nd and 3rd graders can comprehend that sometimes takes us adults much “soul searching” to “get”. I also appreciate the fact that Lewis doesn’t sugarcoat the issues in order to not offend the sensibilities of the reader. Sometimes we NEED to be “offended” in order to grow in our faith, IMHO. :twocents:

I’ve read them all. The Last Battle was my favorite, with The Magician’s Nephew a close second. Unfortunately I doubt either of them will ever be made into big-budget motion pictures like the first three. :frowning: I’m doubtful that they will even make the next one into a movie as it is.

I have, and I loved them! The Last Battle has to be my favourite one. It’s the book that made me fall in love with C.S. Lewis’s writing.

My mom first read the whole series to me when I was in first or second grade. I’ve loved them ever since. I probably re-read the whole series about once a year. My favorite is Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

A Horse and His Boy!

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