Has anybody read, "Noah's Ark, Discovering the Science of Man's Oldest Mystery?

I’m thinking of buying this book and I was wondering if anyone has read it? I used the Search Inside feature on Amazon and it let me read some random pages but I’m still not sure if I should buy it. I sure am curious though, because if it is proven true what it says on the back cover, then this could be a biblical sensation.

I havent read that book, but I saw a documentary about a group of archaeologists who are invistigating the remains of an enormous ship found on a mountain top in the ararat mountains in North West Iran. The wood has become somewhat perserved, and from what I remember, they carbon dated the wood and it turned out that it was several thousand years old. ( dont quote me I cant remember the exact details) I found this story pretty intriguing and would love to see that documentary again, (in fact there are several) it usually airs on the discovery or history channel.

And that’s the problem with The History Channel, Discovery Channel, and Learning Channel.


Consider this one. I’ve read it and it makes reasonable sense to me for the ancient Mid-East. 3

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