Has anybody read....


All of the information Paarsurrey has been posting on this forum?
If so, what conclusion have you come too?
Im just curious, im not doing this to pick on Paarsurrey at all, i just want to know what conclusions you have come up with in reading it.


He’s Ahmadiyyah (Qadiani). I say we give him a raise.


To what?? :smiley:



That would be interesting. I pray that only rational , reasonable and logical arguments are given, otherwise it may go waste.



Well I like you paarsurrey. Your always polite, sometimes I wish you would post more what your thoughts are rather than copy and paste things.

We all may not agree on all things, but we can certainly try to understand each others views. Thats what you say and I do agree with that. So perhaps its a start. :slight_smile:


I knew this guy even before joining this forum. His ideas speaks of a crossbreed that is 70% muslim and 30% christian. He is pretty decent. :slight_smile:


He has been exemplary in his behavior, and I am confident that he is completely sincere.

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