Has anyone attended a teaching Mass?

Have any of my CAF brothers and sisters ever attended a teaching Mass?
I have seen a couple of YouTube videos featuring a teaching Mass. I think it would be a great experience and a chance to learn more about the Mass.

I’ve heard of them happening…

I would find it really bizarre - I can’t see anything there that cannot be accomplished though a video of a Mass with vioceover, or via a well-done essay or text.

I knew an elderly priest who forgot to vest before starting daily mass. He started mass wearing only his regular clerical attire. When his server pointed out to him he forgot to vest, he announced to the people “Today we’re going to be learning about vestments.” Then he had his server bring out each vestment. He explained each vestment as he put it on. The people thought this was planned.


We’ve often asked for them. but priests don’t seem keen on them.

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I like to learn more about the Mass. I think the more we understand about tradition and history, the more we are able to enjoy Mass. I would love to attend a teaching Mass.

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Symbalon, Session 3, is a two-part “Walk Through The Mass” video instruction. Can be done on your own or in a group setting. If your parish offers FORMED, it is part of your subscription!

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I saw Father Mike Schmitz’ teaching Mass on You Tube and I really wish we could have one here. It would be AMAZING and very helpful for us older folks and especially for the younger ones.

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Our parish does one for RCIA every year.


I do like that Youtube video of Father Mike’s teaching mass.

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We had one annually at my lifeteen. It got so popular that they had to do crowd control even though they did it on a Saturday morning and made it clear it did not fill your weekend obligation.

Eventually, they did an entire week of masses from Sunday to Sunday because the demand was so high.


Yes these are wonderful. I wish it would happen more often. The last one I attended was on the feast of Corpus Christi. Father gave a little tutorial on how to behave at Mass and how to receive the Eucharist, and why. It was great.


Not a full teaching Mass but several where different parts of the Mass was explained in a simple language that both children and “people newly arrived to the country” could understand. Usually during a Mass when we have had the youngest children´s catechism classes before Mass. The priest has also described everything on the altar as the altar is not only the altar table as most believe. When the parish received a new monstrance, that was explained and then we had adoration as it was the Corpus Christi feast day.

One priest splits the homily in two parts - first 4-5 minutes for the children, usually question answer style, and in simple language and then 4-5 minutes “something for the adults” going deeper into the readings.

My parish has a monthly children’s mass wherein the priest has all the kiddos come up to the altar during the Liturgy of the Eucharist so they can watch him and he explains what he’s doing during each step. It’s wonderful!

I believe our priest also goes over this extensively with the confirmation class each year at their retreat

I’ve been to several over the years. Typically, I’ve heard them referred to as an “explanatory Mass,” but I’m sure different places refer to them differently.

I’ve seen them done different ways, too. One parish broke it up over several Sundays only explaining a certain portion of the Mass each week. This was so as not to make the Mass unduly long. I’ve also seen it done all at one Mass, but with an abbreviated homily.

We do a version of this during RCIA. One of our priests refers to it as a “dry Mass”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The priest will walk through and explain all the parts of the Mass and all the vestments and things, but he’s not actually celebrating a Mass.

I think they are great and they are almost always well received. Many Catholics have been going to Mass their whole life and don’t really know why the Mass is the way it is. So having the priest explain it is helpful and enlightening for a lot of people.


I think it would be worthwhile for most parishes to have teaching or explanatory Mass every once in awhile.


Think about that for a moment. There are many priests that may have a hard time teaching, afraid of a question that they could not answer or an explanation that just might not be correct. I’ve used terminology applicable to Catholic Masses to a priest who had no idea what I was talking about. I’ve heard “teaching moments” during a Homily which I knew was incorrect several times. Although I like the idea of a Teaching Mass, but I think a qualified liturgist would be best.

Yes. I had one priest tell me he would do ti if I got him a script.
I was like, what? You’ve been to seminary, not me!

Been there too. I, however, have provided scripts to follow for the sake of the community!

Our last pastor promised to do one for LIfeTeen over 2 Sundays.
Never happened.

Postponing it is a nice way of saying, yes to your face, and no, I really do not want to do this.

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