Has anyone been to Catholic Familyland?


Has anyone been to Catholic Familyland? familyland.org/Home.asp


I have never been there, but did belong to a prayer group which followed the Apostolate for Family Consecration. I loved the group, the prayers, etc.–very spiritual. A lady I know well from church actually worked there for some time, however she is now back home. I think it is really a neat idea with Catholics who think like you, lots of activities, etc. The one thing I didn’t totally agree on was that I understand they expected families who went there to paint, work on projects, etc. While I understand they need help with this, I don’t feel families who are sometimes ‘vacationing’ should be asked to pitch in and do this. But then again maybe this was optional? Anyway, I still have the AFC prayers and books and love them. Helped me to grow spiritually. God bless.


Sorry, I’m three years late to respond, but yes, I’ve been! We went almost every year while I was growing up, and I’m now very excited to be taking my family in a couple weeks. I found it a great chance to grow among Catholics (serious ones being almost non existent where I was from) and relax. I learned and grew a lot with the youth group there (again, nothing remotely like it where I was from). As to working, I don’t know if they still do that, but I understood it was just for the first few years while they were growing. I found it very helpful though. I didn’t get much chance to do manual labor otherwise, and I got to work with my dad and brother.


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