Has anyone else gotten a call from Columbia Picutres about Da Vinci Code?

My husband and I mailed in the postcards objecting to the making of the movie which we obtained through the new Cracking the Da Vinci Code booklets by Jimmy Akin (Catholic Answers). We were quite surprised to get a phone call yesterday from a PR firm representing Columbia Pictures. The representative was very pleasant. She said they had been receiving a lot of the postcards and asked a lot of questions about our objections, possible (realistic) remedies, etc. She at least seemed genuinly interested in our feelings and responses. I was just wondering if many others are getting calls. It’s good to know if enough people object, they will pay attention!

Yes, yes I did. And, I assured them that I did not, nor will I ever write the Da Vinci Code. They seemed okay with this. Or, at least, I think they did! :smiley:

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