Has anyone else noticed?

Has anyone else noticed that the main front graphic on the SSPX website for the USA is declaring Pope Francis a heretic?

It says “Bishop Fellay on Pope Francis” and under it it says "A genuine modernist!"

This has to be a new low, does it not? Modernism is certainly a heresy. Has the SSPX ever accused the previous popes of heresy, or is this new with just Pope Francis?

Why would you even bother looking at that website?

Because somebody told me it was so, and I wanted to see if it was.

Pope Francis continues to be misunderstood by many including Catholics.

Some people like him more than his predecessors because they think he’s very different than them, when he’s not all that different. How he goes about it, possibly, but otherwise not so different.

Some people say he’s a modernist and heretic, but yet again, he doesn’t say anything that any of his predecessors would not have said. Maybe he says them in ways that can easily be twisted to make it sound like something else, but otherwise not so different.

Haveyou ever noticed that the SSPX are a pack of self-righteous Pharisees who love to label perfectly faithful Catholics as “heretics” and “modernists” for not following their party line?

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