Has anyone ever done something like this?


I think this goes here because it has something to do with sacramentals...

Has anyone ever bought a dozen Miraculous Medals, have a priest bless them, and them go around town (or city) and hide them in places? Like hide one in a shop that sells buddhas? Or toss one in an athiest neighbors yard? Or go visit a protestant church with your friend, then, when no one is looking sprinkle holy water, hide blessed crucifixes, and hide miraculous medals and pray that they will all convert? LOL sounds like a crazy idea but I actually thought of doing that..... Has anyone done anything similar and had something happen? LOL :D


:rotfl::rotfl:Sorry, But that’s 2 cute funny…to me.:slight_smile:


No, I haven’t done that. I have given say a pair of Rosary Beads to a non-Catholic to help them thru cancer. They willfully accepted them and made it thru. Amen

I think you have very good intentions and aside from somebody catching you and getting upset (???) it will help if it is His will.


Don't laugh.

Mother Theresa did similar things. She closed down abortion clinics that way.


It has crossed my mind.

A month ago I gave to my husband a blessed miraculous medal and made him promise me to always have it with him. I pray for his conversion every day. He doesn’t know that :smiley:


Oddly, my atheist husband wears a medal around his neck with St. Francis on the front and St. Anthony on the back.
He never gives it much thought. But then, there are all of these WEIRD connections to St. Francis and St. Anthony that keep popping up all over his life, so much so that, why, you’d think someone was trying to tell him something…:wink:

Anyway, do you know what geocaching is? It’s SUPER FUN! If you go to geocaching.com you can find out all about it. You take a map, or a GPS and you follow coordinates and clues to find a ‘cache’ that someone has hidden. These things are EVERYWHERE. You probably drive by a dozen of them a day and don’t know it. I’ve found some hidden in trees, old barns, even one at the bottom of a lake, and in these caches are little trinkets - only a couple bucks each. You take a trinket, sign the book, and leave a new trinket.
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to find a miraculous medal in one of those!! What fun! And, as an added bonus, you get to spend LOTS and LOTS of time hunting for treasure! Honestly, it’s a super fun activity with friends or kids.


[quote="Sailor_Kenshin, post:4, topic:182108"]
Don't laugh.

Mother Theresa did similar things. She closed down abortion clinics that way.


.... Wait, change of plans.... I think I'll go along with that.


While I applaud your good intentions, I have this to say:

There was a thread not long ago, posted by a member who found some JW literature in the pew at his parish church. The responses from Catholics were, understandibly, ones of anger and disapproval.

And how is this different ? I mean, leaving Catholic sacramentals in a protestant church, doesn’t that show a little lack of respect for those people’s faith ?

More important, what effect could that have for the image of the Church ?

I think it would be ok to leave medals or rosaries in public places - such as a library, but not in places associated with other faiths, such as churches or “places that sell Buddhas”.

My two cents…

God bless.


I understand your concern. I’ve heard of several Catholics expressing their disapproval. I heard of one lady that, before selling her house, hid miraculous medals in her house and put a rosary in a tool shed. The house was then sold to a protestant minister:p

Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile: It was just a random idea that popped into my head one day. I wanted to know if anyone had done something similar:D

My half a cent.

God bless you too.


nice idea! but i was also thinking of giving it personally to strangers i meet at the church. i know of a priest who does that. in his case he gives away prayer booklets, talks to them about faith. wow.


I make rosaries…so I use that as an excuse to give them to family and friends. I let them know that I make them with love and prayers and give them away to many strangers through our church. Since so many people I don’t know get them, I want my family to have them too. Most people respond greatly to this. My mom doesn’t pray the rosary, but she carries it around in her purse. When it falls out of the little bag I put it in, she takes it as a nudge from God to pray some more :slight_smile: I also have started making ‘prayer bracelets’ (aka, rosary bracelets) and many of my family likes those as a reminder to pray. I leave off the medal and put a plain cross on it so that I don’t push them too far. Little things help!


haha :smiley:

I haven’t done that, but I have given out Miraculous Medals to people…

God bless


I put blessed medals under both my children beds and a Crucifix in their rooms.

But I would be a little concerned about just throwing a blessed object into someones yard. Don't we have a obligation to the blessed object to treat it in a certain way that shows care that it won't be treated disrespectfully?


I was doing a Kriskindle for Christmas and I got a small crib as part of the present and I sprinkled it with Holy Water cos I didn't have time to get it blessed. I don't know about the faith of the girl who got it or anything about her since, but it can't do any harm:):)
I think it's a great idea, but yeah I would be a bit more cautious about where I put the holy objects - 'Don't throw pearls to the swine' and all that:)
God bless:)


A number of years ago a friend and I sprinkled blessed salt within a "new age" book store that had recently opened in our neighborhood; it closed in a month. :)


Well, there you go! :thumbsup:


I haven’t done that BUT i have given presents of crucifixes,rosary beads and cards and medals
to non beleiving or lapsed catholics.The last one i gave a rosary to was a lapsed catholic and hadn’t attended Mass since early childhood about 10yrs of age(since her mother died).She came to a Cristmas Carol concert and I introduced her to our priest! She loved it and I introduce invititations to Mass now and then! Small steps along the way!


[quote="MatthewBerkeley, post:14, topic:182108"]

I think it's a great idea, but yeah I would be a bit more cautious about where I put the holy objects - 'Don't throw pearls to the swine' and all that:)
God bless:)


K I'll be careful. I'll stick to holy water... If only I could get some:P


I forgot to mention I also gave a homeless refugee woman a cross necklace
I had bought several from our church for just £1 each.


Oh, that’s something good too:D

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