Has anyone ever found themself saying this?

Lately I’ve ‘collected’ a number of Blessed’s and Venerable’s that I really enjoy asking for their intercession (Names like Stan Rother, Solanus Casey, John H. Newman, and Ven. Fulton J. Sheen).

The issues that I face in my own life aren’t things that would make the news, so I know that if my prayer is answered, it probably wouldn’t move them down the canonization line. I’ve found myself actually saying, example “I know that this won’t necessarily get you canonized” or “This prayer intercession might not convert many people,” which I know are both wrong ways to think about prayer in general, but it’s true.

When I hear about Mother Teresa being canonized, it seemed like all of the answered prayers were for medical maladies that were much more dire anything for which I pray. Does anybody else feel like their sins are downplayed in that way?

Sorry if this just seems like rambling… :slight_smile:

The fact that you pray to them regularly is helping their cause. It’s evidence of cult.

Those great saints you are praying to couldn’t care less if they get canonized or not. They’re in heaven with God, they’re happy. It’s up to God whether they get recognized on earth, and for how long before they’re largely forgotten, etc.

Canonization requires a miracle, and the only miracles really accepted these days for canonization are medical ones. That doesn’t mean the saint isn’t helping with lots of other stuff like helping people find jobs, housing, do well on tests, etc. It just means you’ll hear a lot more about the medical miracles.


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