Has anyone ever heard of singing the rosary?


My husband is a writer, and is currently writing a story where he mentions singing the rosary. He made this up, but it got me wondering if there has ever been a tradition of doing such a thing. Anyone know?

Here are his stories by the way if you are curious:
MechKnight: The Lady’s Guardian

MechKnight: Letters to Saint Catherine




Hmmm, no concrete knowledge but certainly pretty much every other traditional formal prayer, from the Mass and the Divine Office on down, has some tradition of being chanted/sung, so I would find it odd if there was no such tradition attached to one of the most traditional of all, the Rosary.

I loved watching, during the Holy Father’s visit to the Holy Land, how he launched into singing the ‘Regina Caeli’ after Mass and many in the crowd followed right along.


That was my thought as well - and I figured that if anyone would know it would be someone here on the CAF!! :smiley:



There used to be a website for the Monks of Adoration who had a download for a chanted rosary. I have since changed computers, and the website no longer has downloads, I believe they are in the process of moving from Florida to Montana. Maybe someone else here can share the file or knows how to retrieve it from this thread: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=205981
I can’t seem to make it work.


I know that the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, which is prayed on rosary beads, is sung. I find myself singing it every now and then when I’m NOT saying it. :smiley:


I am listening to it now! Very cool!!! Thank you!! :thumbsup:



It happened most unofficially in my car a number of years ago. My friends and I used to make long drives to attend spiritual gatherings, and we would often say the Rosary on the way. One day we started to sing it, using the same tone that’s often used for the Our Father to sing both the Hail Mary and the Glory Be. I think we still recited the Creed, however.



Blessed Mother’s Most Holy Rosary, sung by Frank in a prayerful mode

There are several other sites as well.


A former parish of mine included a member who was an accomplished composer. As an offering for our Marian devotional group, she prepared settings for each of the [then, three] sets of mysteries. It was very effective! I’ve still got the music somewhere.

There is already at least one chant version of the Ave Maria. I’ve used that as the basis for my own “sung Angelus”.


yeah, I downloaded a chanted rosary before by some monks.


lizaanne- I’m sorry I cannot answer your question accurately. Do you think your Parish priest would know the answer? Hmm, I should ask a few Priests I know.

I know I posted this in another thread but here it is again…

Donna Cori Gibson sings the Rosary Video

Donna Cori Gibson sings the Rosary

For additional information on Donna Cori Gibson please check out her website:


A few more videos and beautiful music with Donna Cori Gibson



I also have a Rosary C.D. and Dana (Rosemary Scallon) sings beautifully on there:


God bless those who Pray the Rosary


Personally, I’m happy that singing the rosary, as opposed to chanting it perhaps, has never been a widespread practice.

I’d also be interested to learn how it came about that the Chaplet of Divine Mercy has become almost exclusively a sung devotion when it is presented on radio or television. For me, I recite the Chaplet in as quiet an atmosphere as possible. I literally cannot abide it as it is presented with a musical background, whether or not it itself is sung. Do the producers of these radio and TV versions believe that the Chaplet can only be presented with music sounding? Do they think that people want to hear it sung always? How did they come to those conclusions?

Most generally, the Rosary is simply recited. Occasionally you will hear a musical interlude between the mysteries, but thankfully a full music background has never become standard in the media. In my humble opinion, that is how the Chaplet of Divine Mercy should be presented. Enough with the ferverino music! Perhaps I’m the only Catholic it repels, but I wonder.


Apparently there are those who do not agree with you. Prayer is a very VERY personal thing - some like to sing or chant, some like to do so quietly, and some like both for different situations.

Doesn’t make it right or wrong, good or bad - just different.



Doesn’t make it right or wrong, good or bad - just different.


Yes, certainly, it’s not a question of right or wrong.

I realize this thread is about the Rosary, so I won’t go on other than to say I think it can’t be denied that virtually the ONLY way the Chaplet of Divine Mercy is presented today is sung or with a prominent musical background. Chacun a son gout, of course, but it seems completely incongruous to me.


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