Has anyone ever heard of this message? Is it approved or not disapproved of--ok for dissemination to individuals, if not a group function? Thanks!





November 22, 2009

Dear Children:

My name is Mary and I am your mother and I am truly
proud to say I love you.
When I am in your

community I will shed light on darkness and it is my

teacher who is your friend. I am truly in love with

humanity. Today, I wish to save humanity. I say
“save” but I mean inquire as to your state. If you
go to church my Son will be happy.

My Son will love you in any circumstance. He will
never abandon you. I say you will be granted a
truly beautiful life in this time if you do His bidding… If
you are His you will never lie, steal or cheat. You
will not complain nor will you do harm. I would
like you to pray for world peace now. If you do I
will save the world. When you do this for my Son
you will heal. . If you do this and are healed you
will know the truth. This truth is love. My Lord is
love. I am the Love of God. I will be your teacher
and you will never fear I am told of many things
to come. My children, do not go to visit
soothsayers, nor dabble in the occult. I will not
be a good mother is you do. I would like you to do
good things. Teach your children
good things. This is all. I
must go now. Please do not do anything wrong or
must go now. Please do not do anything wrong or
bad. The Lord loves you all. The Lord is Jesus
Christ. This message is for world peace. Teach
this to one another.

Loving hearts united in Paradise,

Jesus and Mary

I’ve not heard of it, but it’s certainly not approved due to the recent date.

Would it be decided against, though?

That’s for the bishop to decide, not me. For now, if I were you I would make sure that he is aware of it, and see what steps he takes.

I’ve never heard of it either… it’s too recent, perhaps

time will tell :slight_smile:

you might be interested in this site:

:slight_smile: God bless!

This story isn’t from my diocese. I couldn’t find what alleged apparition it’s from, so I had to cut and paste the message a friend sent me…

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