Has anyone ever knit a prayer shawl?


I'm making one now, along with a friend, for another friend who just had surgery for breast concer and will shortly be undergoing radiation. Basically as we knit we say prayers for her recovery and well-being as we knit. We hope that when she drapes it over her shoulders it will give her comfort, warmth, protection, strength, and let her know that she is loved. This is the first time I'm done it. I'm not really a knitter, but it feels good doing something like this, at a time when you want to help but don't know how.

If anyone is interested, here's a site for more information.



Yes, I've done several. I just got the book for doing several different types including for infants etc.

You are a knitter--you're knitting, right? We're all knitters if we are knitting, whether it's our first time doing so or our eleventy-first and beyond!


A while ago, I had an idea to knit things for people and pray for them while I’m knitting. This sounds very similar :slight_smile: this is cool! I want to actually do something like this… but first I need to learn how to knit better :wink:


Monica, you knit just fine. Don’t worry that you need to ‘get better’.

But if you are really worried, I will tell you a sure-fire wire to knit better quickly AND help out.

Do Snuggles blankets for your local Humane Society.

Here is how to do one for cats.

Take two skeins (4 ounces each, worsted weight washable wool or acrylic) of yarn.

Using a strand from each skein, cast on (both strands) 33 stitches onto size 13 needles.

Then proceed to knit–just knit–for 66 rows. Bind off.

You will have an approximately 14 x 14 square of yarn that is the perfect size for a kitty to sit on.

I like to use one ball of something like Caron Simply Soft and mix with another complementary or even ‘stripe’ color of Vanna’s Choice. The softer yarn makes the blanket a little softer but it has plenty of ‘heft’.

Knit a few of these and you’ll find your tension gets more even, and you’ll be able to judge how far along you are, you won’t have to ‘count’ so often, you’ll get to be more intuitive, you’ll experiment with different color combinations and you’ll be more inclined to strike out to different projects when you have mastered these. And the cats will LOVE them.


thanks! that’s so cute :smiley:

and I love cats :slight_smile:


I guess you’re right . Thanks for the vote of confidence. :smiley: Actually I’m really getting into knitting, there’s something very satisfying about watching it get longer and longer. And I find that a decade of the rosary fits very nicely into 1 row of knitting :thumbsup:


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