Has anyone ever proven the existence of god to an atheist if so how did you do it


I want to convert my neighbor i always tell her about Jesus I say to her that her faith is like a seed it if she doesn’t water it, it won’t grow but she always changes the subject there’s a pilgrimage to medjugorji it’s free if you haven’t been before a secret sponsor pays the expenses I’ve already been and I’m going again but I have to pay now of course I don’t want to offend her our shove god down her throat how can I do this she’s such a nice lady she really is I know if she just believed she would be one of the best Catholics because she’s already such a good person


If she always changes the subject, that tells you she’s not interested, but she doesn’t want to be rude. The best thing you can do now is pray for her.


The closest thing to a proof of God’s existence would be Godel’s ontological proof if she can understand it.

Although these aren’t proofs there are five good reason’s God exists (this comes from William Lane Craig):

  1. God is the best explanation for why there is something rather than nothing.
  2. God is the best explanation for the beginning of the universe.
  3. God is the best explanation for the fine tuning of the universe for intelligent life.
  4. God is the best explanation for objective morality.
  5. God can be known personally.


As an agnostic bordering on the atheist fence:
*God is one explanation
*God is one explanation
*God is one explanation
*God is one explanation
And finally, this was where I failed, try as I might, over and over again. I never knew God personally and I wanted to. I blamed myself, I blamed God, I blamed my religion, I blamed every other religion I tried then I finally accepted that it just isn’t happening for me! God doesn’t answer.


I’m not an expert on this matter but all I can say is that some of the atheist explanations for the fine tuning of the universe for intelligent life are much more ludicrous than the possibility of the existence of God. For example the multiverse theory (for which there is no scientific evidence for that we just happen to be in a universe that is life permitting based on chance. Or that the universe just popped up from nothing which is absurd and magical because how can something come from nothing. ( Of course now most scientists say the big bang came from some primordial quantum soup (quark-gluon matter) but that isn’t really nothing).


Can’t be done till they’re ready. Have your say and just be friends with them and walk alongside them that’s the best witness as well as praying xx


Sounds like you want there to be a God


There’s a very good book on the subject: “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Athiest”


Nothing to add. I just thought it a funny question because I am a writer and occasionally I have some of my stuff reviewed by a monk. Twenty year ago he was an atheist at a huge state university, today he is a dedicated Catholic monk in his monastery. Just goes to show, it can be done.


I just want to know one way or the other. I’m both Scully and Mulder… I want to believe but, I don’t.


medjugorji might not be the best place for her first. Its not approved by the church.

It might really confuse her.


Your faith is like a seed if don’t water it, it will not grow I was like you maybe last year I did everything I was sopose to do as a Catholic I read the bible I went to mass I prayed but it was only out there of obligation but I trip to medjugorji changed my mind completely there where atheists that went there in the same group as me and in the end they where like “omg I can’t believe it’s all real” you can look for pilgrimages on mej.com I suggest you go as part of a pilgrimage with a tour guid and a group because the experience is a lot better I’m going again in a few months it was just like my grandmother told me “medjugorji always calls you back” I met people there who had been there more times than they could count


It isn’t approved by the church no but that doesn’t stop millions of Catholics flocking there all year round I know what I felt in that place the Holy Spirit overcame me I cried tears of joy I saw the miracle of the dancing sun i saw the sun changed colour while I was on top of apperition hill there where people crying everywhere pointing at the sun it was really amazing


Have you told her about the five ways to prove that God exists?

Become familiar with them first yourself, so that you can explain them if you don’t think she would go and read them if asked.


why not take her to something approved. something hmm, without the spectacle. Because her conversion will need to come from within, in her heart. Take her to adoration.


In order to prove an idea to anyone, we must first prove the idea to ourselves. There is no known argument that proves the existence of God and no known argument that disproves the existence of God. Therefore, if one were to convince an atheist of the existence of God, we still wouldn’t know if we had proven anything. It’s certainly possible to win an argument with an atheist, and possible to convince an atheist, and it’s also possible to help an atheist find faith. It’s just not possible by any argument I have heard to actually prove anything about God one way or the other.


Hahaha. Clever title!


I am not a troll !!! My other threads where because I was debating with a Protestant and needed answers it’s the only reason I ask questions on here which is why there all debate related :rage::rage:


are you a minor, rosie


No I’m not a minor I’m 18

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