Has anyone ever read Windswept House?

I started reading this last night. There is an extremely disturbing scene at the beginning of a black “mass”. I don’t need a lot of spoiler details, I just simply want to know if this happens again in the novel. If so, I may not be able to finish the book.

I’ve heard by many that it is a very good story - and much of it is based on real people and events. I just don’t know if I can read something like that again.


Liza, no, it doesn’t occur again.

Thank you :smiley:

Because that was brutal to read – and I didn’t even really read it, I skimmed it. :bighanky:


Liza, to be honest with you, I barely read that scene the first time and, although I have read the book about ten times, I always skip those pages.

I was tempted to do that, but typically when I skip portions of a book (on the first read) I get lost on some relevant point later on, so I skimmed as much as I could stomach.

Wow - ten times!!! I’ve heard it’s good, but that’s pretty darn good to warrant ten times!! :slight_smile:


i read the book and it was very good. i agree the scene you are referring to is disturbing, but once you get into the story and get involved with the characters you will forget about it.
it is worth the read. i would like to read another book by the author, but haven’t been able to find any or am not sure what is another book by him to read.
i enjoyed Windswept House a lot and had a hard time putting it down.

Here is a list of some of his other books:



When it first came out, it was so popular that the library would only loan it out for seven days. When I got the card in the mail telling me that my turn to borrow the book was up, I ran down and got it. Like someone else here already wrote, I couldn’t put it down and finished it in two days. I was going to bring the book back when a good friend of mine showed up. She saw the book and asked to borrow it. Normally, I wouldn’t do that, but I knew her well and knew her to be completely trustworthy and dependable. So, I let her take the book. She brought it back the next day (and she didn’t live nearby either!) and told me she was up all night reading it because she couldn’t put it down!

WOW!!! The book is huge!! I can’t imagine reading it in ONE DAY!!



thanks. i heard him a few times speak on the art bell radio show. he was always interesting. thanks for the link. i see several books i would like to read.

if anyone else has read any other books by malachai, i would like to hear their recommendations.

I went to a discussion at a private home with Fr. Martin in Long Island. The book is certainly engaging, but not nearly as engaging as Fr. Martin was. We lost a visionary when he passed unexplainably.

i agree. :sad_yes:

His death was strange. We really will never know exactly what happened. They said he fell out of his wheelchair…frontwards? Hmm. But, he had a huge gash on the back of his head. Strange indeed. But yes, he was fascinating. He called Windswept House neither fact nor fiction…he referred to it as “faction”. I read it once, but probably need to do it again as it was a very involved book, all the different characters that one had to try to keep straight.

I am with Lormar and others…the first part of the book is very difficult to get through. I found myself skimming to get the important facts but hurrying through it. A BIG sigh of relief when it ended!!

Ok - yes, it has indeed taken me since September to finish this book. But I’ve FINALLY finished.

As requested by someone in a PM - here is my review:

–In light of most recent events in real life, I’m blown away by some of the parallel plot lines. All I can say is that the author is surely spinning in his grave right now.

–Is it just me, or did this book just not “end”??? I can’t believe I got to the end and…that was it!!! REALLY???

–Overall the book was LOOOOOOONG and hard to get through. The story was awesome, and the characters were great, but it was indeed hard to trudge through a lot of it.

–Not sure how someone could read it over and over again. It was good, but not THAT good. I think what made it so difficult for me is that I found it hard to read great portions of it at long sittings because I knew that so much of it was actually true, and not entirely fictional.

So - there ya go!! I might have more insight later, but that’s my first thoughts after finally finishing up tonight.

Now…what to read next? I love a good Catholic novel :wink:


Thanks Liza, for this review :thumbsup:
God bless you!

If you find another good Catholic novel, please let us know.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the review.

How can some of us read it over and over? We can’t afford new books so we make do with what we have. That’s how. :slight_smile:

I was devastated by the book the first time I read it. Surely, I thought, this can’t be true. In light of subsequent events in the Church, I have to admit that the author had quite an insight.

I’ve know about a lot of this inside corruption long before I read the book, so I guess from that perspective there was no shock value for me.

Malachi Martin had more than insight - it is widely discussed that he KNEW these things were happening and had evidence to prove it. I personally think it is why he died when he did, I think he knew too much. Now that’s personal opinion, but I’m allowed t have it. :wink:

This is an interesting list that someone put together of who the characters could be in the book: traditio.com/tradlib/wind.txt

Here is an interview with the author where he speaks about the truth in the story: freerepublic.com/focus/f-religion/1136142/posts


I read the book when it was first published. A lot of what is common knowledge today wasn’t so back then, not even for traditionals (I was attending either the SSPX or the sedevacantist chapel at the time).

I have all of his audio tapes. My husband still quotes him very often.

Enormously erudite author with real courage … still very difficult to assess. My own review of the book is here:


What did those of you who have read the book, think of the ending? I was shocked that it didn’t seem to actually “end”. I actually looked at my book to see if I was missing pages!!!


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