Has anyone ever seen/heard of this in discernment?


Hello everyone,

After I graduated college, I discerned with a religious order in Spain for about 2 months. At the end of the experience, I honestly discerned that the order was probably my vocation but that God was not calling me to enter the order immediately. I felt attracted to the order, but honestly found that I lacked an inner peace in making the step to enter the order as a candidate. The lack of peace I had in entering as a candidate is a complete mystery to me. The order had everything I could hope for in a religious community and it was a big sacrifice for me to arrive there.

The only way that I can understand this is that maybe God wants me to mature or learn something in the United States before I return to the order in Spain.

Has anyone else heard of something similar, or have seen something similar in the discernment process? I know this is unusual, but I want to see if this has happened before.


The Lord leads us in winding ways that do not always make sense to us. I was extremely happy as a simply professed in a religious order but as solemn vows approached began to lack the inner peace. But why? I wanted to be there and they wanted me? I ended up not making solemn profession, eventually got married and found a career in in ministry anyhow. Blessed be God


You’re crazy :shrug:


Well…that’s very rude. Why would you make such a comment?


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