Has anyone experienced any miracles/events they cannot explain?

Hello, friends! This thread is just for fun - if you so wish, please share any interesting spiritual experiences or miracles you may have had or witnessed! :slight_smile:

When she said yes and became Mrs. Glennon… :rofl:


I didn’t directly see a miracle happen, but I do know a guy who got healed of lung cancer. He had a tumor on one of his lungs. One day, he went to a doctor to have the tumor looked at. They saw that the tumor had shrunk in size. A few months later, he went in for another check-up and the tumor was gone. The doctors had no explanation for why this happened.

I am convinced that God healed this brother. He and his wife are very godly people and they would have no reason to lie about it.

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Aww I love this answer!! <3
Me getting married would definitely be a miracle! :wink:

Wow, that is absolutely incredible!! :open_mouth: God is so good!! <3

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