Has anyone experienced this?

Every time I receive the Eucharist… I get this intense feeling all over, of life, clarity, love, and peace. I can’t really describe it, but it happens whenever I receive the Eucharist. Am I imagining this or have other people experienced it?

Also the intense anticipation that builds up from the Consecration where I can barely manage to sing the “Lamb of God” because I look at Jesus in the hands of the priest and I choke with love and adoration and longing. Then we kneel and I mentally prostrate myself before the God of the Universe Who loves me so much that He became Food for me to consume that we might be in communion.

He is Love and when we truly believe in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, that Love resonates within us.

It hasn’t been everytime recently (though I’ve been going through a bit of a dark night), but there was one point in time that I was at total and complete peace and even extacy right before I’ve received Our Lord, and it used to last for about an hour or so. I had an innate sense of being in such intimate and total communion with Christ that it brought me to tears at times.

Now, not so much… I intellectually know that it is the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, and have a great sense of… utter awe of what Christ endured for not just me, but for the whole world, everyone in any point in time on Holy Friday, but the warm and fuzzy feelings are… almost completely absent. About that, though… My confessor says that I should love the God of consolations more than the consolations of God. And since love is an action verb, I hope that by acting loving, I am, in fact, loving. I just wish I could feel it.

I’ve felt this way a lot but not every single time - my mind set at the time definitely plays a huge part.

I’ve felt this occasionally, but as I used to feel the same when I received what I believed was Holy Communion at a Protestant church I don’t take it as any proof of anything…

My advice would be, don’t attach any undue importance to it, and certainly don’t become attached to it.

As someone said earlier, quoting their confessor, ‘Seek the God of consolations, not the consolations of God’’.

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