has anyone experienced this?

I was baptized as a catholic, but never go serious about the faith or Jesus for that matter until last year. I started out as a protestant and i read so many things against the catholic church and i am considering the catholic church, but my mind is kind of Seered with the protestant faith(calvinism). I have been taught that the bible is our only way of salvation and we dont need anyone. But there are some scritpual evidences like “passed down by word or letter” which is what the catholic church apperentlly does.

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The reason for that is that we believe that the Bible and scriptures are important, but we look at it as if it were the most paramount piece of treasure in a grand treasurehouse – the entirety of the Deposit of Faith. There is a great richness of tradition that flows from the scriptures – the Church Fathers, the Church Doctors, the great councils. None of those would have occured if not for the Gospel themselves. They are inseparable from Scripture in that the Bible is the foundation on which all of it was built.

If you are interested in the Church, my first invitation would be to seek out a Mass – listen carefully to the words of the Mass, and see how much of it is based directly in Scripture. You’ll be surprised at how much of the words spoken at Mass are directly from the Bible.Then speak to a priest and ask him for questions and guidance.

Although I didn’t adopt any particular Protestant faith (and, in fact, turned to paganism for many years), yes, I’ve experienced what you’re struggling with. I’ve noticed all of your posts, on this forum, and it seems you’re trying to rake in as much information as possible, on several different topics of confusion. I understand that urge, as well, but I would offer a tiny word of advice: Focus one one thing at a time (as best you can) and put all the information and answers you receive to prayer. Don’t try to argue them from your newfound faith…just put them to prayer and sincerely ask for an open heart to receive truth. You may not find immediate internal satisfaction, but it will come, if you keep praying for truth, seeking facts on the actual teachings of the Church (you don’t seem to really know what the Church actually teaches- I say that in all charity), and focusing on your most pressing questions, one at a time.

I’ll pray for you. It’s a difficult, but rewarding, path you’re starting to walk.

Yes, many of us have experienced similar situations. :slight_smile:

If you like reading, you might enjoy some conversion stories:
My Life on the Rock (Jeff Cavins) -
Surprised by Truth (Patrick Madrid)
Crossing the Tiber (Steve Ray)
Rome Sweet Home (Scott Hahn)

If you prefer CDs (audio), you might try:
Matthew Kelly- lighthousecatholicmedia.org/store/title/my-spiritual-journey#
Jeff Cavins - lighthousecatholicmedia.org/store/title/i-m-not-being-fed#
Tim Staples - lighthousecatholicmedia.org/store/title/the-bible-made-me-do-it#

There are plenty more out there, but I think these would be a great start. HTH!

Dr. Peter Kreeft converted from Calvanism. He gave an interesting lecture on that journey here:


Have I ever! See My Testimony and feel free to PM or email me if you want to talk this over because I discovered several years ago that just because they teach something with a Bible in hand doesn’t mean it’s authentic Christian doctrine.

I can relate to what you’re going through and have probably answered every question you have because I had to find those answers as well.

Hurry home! We’ll keep the lights on for ya!:thumbsup:


Beautiful post! :heart:

I was a Calvinist, but I converted to the Catholic Faith. So, yes.

Wow, just by hearing you say this… you really gotta get a copy of that book I mentioned by Scott Hahn… He had the hardest time with the Catholic church, and was very against it… but once he started looking into it, he could not discount its teachings. If you read it, it will help you understand a lot of questions. (Rome Sweet Home, is the title).

Thanks I ordered the scott Hahn book

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