Has anyone felt the presence of heavenly beings?

Ever since I started wearing the Brown Scapular, It’s like I’ve been feeling the Blessed Mother’s Presence most especially when it comes to her role as Our Mother. It’s like I always feel Her Motherly love and Presence and know she’s there. Sometimes I would have a blend of Prayer and talk to her like a child talks to his/her mother. Sometimes (even though its not by audible means…more like you can feel it in your soul/heart) I would hear her response, mostly on her advice in life and to always look to God. Sometimes I would feel the Blessed Mother saying like: “talk to God as well, He is Your Father in Heaven is he not?” (Thats why when I’m addressing God the Father its the same way I talk to Mary…Always addressing him as Father) or “Always trust in my Son, his mercy is always there for you.” Or sometimes there’s no answer its just the feeling that she’s bringing you closer to Christ.

Other than the blessed mother, I’ve felt in Mass (not always) right before the “Sanctus” my hair would always stand up and I would always say: “They’re here” (even though they are always there, its like their presence is more noticeable from the Sanctus until the Our Father) aka the Angels helping out the priest in mass.

Other times mostly during the Most Important days of the Church (Easter, Pentecost, Holy week etc…) I would feel not only the angels but the Apostles and the Clerical Saints saying the Mass around the Altar with the priest, with the Angels around them, the Blessed Mother where the Altar Servants sit and the The Entire Trinity (the Image of Christ on the Cross with the Holy Spirit and the Father above him). The entire thing is not visual but you know its happening.

I really don’t know if this feelings were real or not, but I always pray for the Holy Spirit for Discernment on what I was feeling was either Truly a gift from God or just something else.

What do you guys think? Also have you had any experiences like this?


Yes I have. It’s a beautiful reassurance that they are here with us.


While at the bedside of my dying grandfather, a vision of his mother flashed before my eyes. She was a very devout and charitable woman, though I didn’t know her very well due to her frailty in her old age (my earliest memories of her are when she was 87). At the time, I had assumed she was in Heaven, because it had been almost four years since her death, and as I said, she was quite devout and charitable and suffered much in her old age, so I figured that her appearance as an old woman was just because I wouldn’t have recognized her if she appeared as she was in her youth. Having since learned more about such apparitions, I have learned that it is typical of souls in Purgatory to appear in the same manner as they died, while souls in Heaven generally appear young and healthy.

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Yes. I was at a prayer gathering at my church and I could feel the presence of angels. Something was definitely in there with us. Last year I went to my cousin’s wedding in Detroit Michigan. At the hotel I and my family were staying at, I was about to go to sleep, and all of a sudden, the Holy Spirit came and spoke to me. He told me that He wanted me to pray for unity in the church. I’ve felt God’s presence in my life numerous times, but that was the only time that He personally came to me. :sob:


I was once praying the Rosary when I was depressed. As I was praying, I felt a very comforting presence. I felt very unloved by God at the moment. It was like someone was there in the room with me and I realized it was Our Lady, telling me she and God loved me and I wasn’t alone.


The presence of my guardian angel, many times.


When my dad was in the hospital shortly before he died, he said he saw an angel sitting in the corner of the room. He was both insistent and matter-of-fact about it. He didn’t have other visions (or hallucinations), which makes me more inclined to believe it. That, and the fact that I know angels are real. :slight_smile:


Once at Liturgy when I was very upset about my mother being sick. But when she was in the hospital dying, I never felt more alone.


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