Has anyone given up cable TV?

We decided their was too much filth on television and pulled the plug. I ended up buying a Dell Zino to sit under the TV so we can still watch EWTN. :smiley: Saves $900.00 per year. :thumbsup:

I did the exact same thing in my apartment. (while I’m currently living with my parents, I’ll be back in an apartment by the beginning of the summer) I don’t regret it at all.

I disconnected my cable tv service a few months ago, and don’t regret it. However, I rarely watched television to begin with. On the other hand, I think a great number of programs are available online, so connecting one’s tv set to the internet (such as with a Dell Zino) might be a good choice.

We gave it up several months ago. Got tired of paying for it while never watching TV except news and weather. We can get both online. We haven’t regretted it.

I don’t even own a TV. I haven’t watched TV on a regular basis since the early 90’s. The only time I watch it now is at other people’s houses. It just hasn’t been the same since MacGyver was canceled.


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I gave up cable tv and I don’t miss it at all :slight_smile:

Life is much easier without the distraction. It is amazing how many people base their schedule on TV though. You see it after your unplugged. :stuck_out_tongue:

I gave up on pay tv or “cable” A while ago. I was just sick of all the repeats. Plus with digital tv. I get to see all the shows anyway. The thing i miss most about pay tv though are the natural history documentaries. Although we do get them on commercial tv, I would like to see more. And yes the savings are great. I save about $1000-1500 a year

I think we must’ve had cable at one time… but it’s been so long I can hardly remember?

We watch Netflix online for movies.

I’ve never seen EWTN - that’s my only regret.

If you’ve got the internet you can watch EWTN.

I gave up television period for about a year. I gave it up when I came to the conclusion that life would be worth living if I found a faith. Television makes it hard. I’ve somewhat capitulated, I watch about two-three hours of television a month, and it’s either the EWTN or FOX when I do.

My wife and I have given up TV for lent. Not only have we been reading alot, we find our children in the living room with us reading.

I do not miss TV at all and my wife just told me the same thing this weekend.

There is nothing worth watching on other then the occasional EWTN show.

I am a fan of the UFC though…

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