Has anyone heard anything on that father who locked up is daughter for 24 years?

You guys remember the case from earlier in the summer, in April I believe. The one from the guy named Joseph Fritzl who locked his daughter in the cell for 24 years–well has anyone heard any new developments on the case.

We should all be reminded to pray for that young girl and her children as the adapt to the world.

The only news recently was, last month, the oldest child awoke from her coma and was interviewed by police. She is expected to make a full recovery, at least with her physical problems.

And then, from last week:

**Cellar victim to testify against father


this whole story is just so incredible! So sad we must pray and pray hard for the daughter and her childern

The link Eden posted does not work! Who is this guy? I never heard of this. It sounds like a book I read as a kid where the kids lived in the attic…

I guess its news I dont pay attention to, because I dont put it on in front of my daughter.

Last I heard, he was going to be charged with slavery (?) I’m sorry I didn’t hear the details; this was a few weeks ago & I heard something on BBC news as I was surfing channels.

Here is one working news link

If you google his name, you can find many others.

BTW, I just tested Eden’s link and it works, but you have to cut and paste it into your web browser.

Here is Eden’s link again. I think this time it will work from this site.

I read that he was going to write a book and make lots of money from his story. mirror.co.uk/sunday-mirror/2008/07/06/evil-fritzl-is-selling-his-story-98487-20633428/

any updates on this at all? I have still heard nothing of this awful story.

He is being tried for murder.


Friday November 14 2008

The man accused of holding his daughter in a home-made dungeon for 24 years and fathering her seven children has been charged with murder.

Austrian officials say Josef Fritzl was responsible for the death of one of the children in infancy.

Prosecutors say experts believe the infant might have survived if Fritzl had arranged for proper medical care.

The 73-year-old retired electrician also was charged yesterday with rape, incest, false imprisonment and slavery. Fritzl’s trial is expected to begin early in 2009.

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