Has ANYONE heard from TridentineFan?


She used to check this forum daily and hasn’t been on since nearly a month ago. She’s pregnant and usually keeps us updated. Has anyone heard from her?

I am growing worried!


I have been wondering where she is, too. No, I haven’t heard from her and I don’t think her CAF user profile thing allows for emails. Maybe we could ask a mod to email her and to come back…come back…wherever she is! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I did that. Just waiting…


I was wondering this myself, isn’t she about the same gestation as Catholic Sam?


That’s right–she’s due two days before me! I singled her out in my Rosary intentions today (along with Masondoggy who is hopefully in labor right this minute!). Let’s hope we hear something from her soon!


I was wondering about her also. I just hope that all is well with her family and her pregnancy. I have been a bit worried. Let’s be sure to keep her in our prayers.



She’s back!!! :smiley:

Just got a message from her so we can all stop worrying. :slight_smile:




Thanks for the update–I’ve really been worried!



Thank you to all who participated; this thread is now closed.

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