Has anyone heard Marino Restrepo's testimony?

I was just watching Marino Restrepo’s testimony where he encountered God, and he eventually became a Catholic missionary. Marino stated that Jesus Christ said that we are not going to be judged on religions, on doctrines, on beliefs of any kind. We are judged on love. BUT we are going to be called upon the talents he gave us. Marino said that Jesus Christ called the Catholic Church the greatest talent because it is the church that contains all the truth. He goes on to say that Jesus Christ said that we as Catholics need to humble ourselves, but only God can open the hearts of men to come into His Church.

Pretty powerful testimony.

The testimony of Marino Restrepo begins with the link below if you care to watch.


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I’m watching it now. Thank you very much :).

All I want to say however, is that you should really be careful when it comes to discerning private revelation. I’ve read possibly 1000+ stories on the miracles Catholics (saints, sinners and everyone in between) have experienced, but of them all, I take a very cynical approach to those who claim they’ve ‘‘met’’ God or Jesus. Something inside me just tells me it’s not right. Same thing with Near Death Experiences and dreams…I don’t give too much credence to it as a rule of thumb. And when you read a lot of miracle stories, you develop this kind of ability to virtually tell immediately which one is a fake and which one is real. We on CAF had a former Satanist who converted to Catholicism, and all evidence points to his experiences being real, and I was one of the first to make a definitive statement on that.

But thank you anyway :).

No problem! He says that Jesus Christ also says that He loves the Sacrament of Reconciliation! Whenever we go to the confessional, Satan and his army is jailed, and Satan HATES Confession because we humble ourselves before God. Such encouraging words since I am going on Wednesday! I know that I should be careful with private revelation, but I believe what he says is true. What scares me though is some other private 'revelations" such as Angelica Zambrano’s where she sees Pope John Paul II in hell. I believe that THAT is a vision from Satan.

I’m going to Confession this Friday (hopefully), which would mean I can resume receiving Communion after not receiving since January of this year. I’ve always perceived it to be a luxury, but that’s what mortal sin does to you :blush:.

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I’d love to hear that story!

Me too!

If you liked his testimony, look for more videos of him giving talks on youtube. I have found many excellent (IMHO) talks that he has presented. It is evident that he practices what he preaches.:thumbsup:

Marino Restrepo gives retreat to priests and laity groups and is under the authority of a local bishop. Here is a good talk found on Gloria.tv


Has anyone heard Marino Restrepo’s testimony?

No, not in digital sound.

Marino Restrepo was among the Vatican’s Top 10 people 2011. Just check it out. He was also invited to participate at the Eucaristic Congress in New Zealand just recently. You can look that up too.

Yes. Is so enlightening, I have heard a lot of his talks and I don’t get tired of hearing them again. :thumbsup:

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