Has anyone heard of John Huff


I got this message sent to me… I have never heard of this guy, guess I don’t have any good history books. Can someone help?

Other Christians existed before the “middle” of the 16th century. As far back as the tenth century. And, for that matter, there were always small “pockets” of the Faith that refused to unite under one Pope. A good church history book would mention this. One of the most famous of the earlier reformers was John Huss. He preached a message very similar in content and beliefs of modern day Baptists, etc. He was burned at the stake in 1413. Concerning the group that burned him, the Bible says: “By their fruits you shall know them!” Several production companies in the film industry had projects to make a movie about John Huss. To my knowlege, none of these projects ever came to fruitition. I don’t think any such companies today would even consider producing a film–no exploding action and 140 decibel sounds…so it wouldn’t even be considered.



Looks like you could start here Amy Jan Hus


Probably meant Jan (Also spelled John) Hus.

Born at Husinetz in Southern Bohemia, 1369; died at Constance 6 July, 1415.

An article on the New Advent website from the Catholic Encyclopedia is at:


I keep the Encyclopedia on my hard drive so that I always have ready access to it (even when broadband is down and the power goes out). So I had to actually look online to get an address to post that wasn’t on BD_HD_80!



Looks like we posted the same link almost simultaneously Ben.


Thanks, you both are great…


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