Has anyone heard of the Advent Mysteries?


I was looking through my room earlier and found a small booklet called the Advent Rosary( someone must have given it to me when i was younger). It says the Advent Mysteries were revealed to Rosalinda Rubio by Our Lady, Mary. The Mysteries are these:

  1. Mary and Joseph journey to Bethlehem and those last few moments of her pregnancy.
    2.Our Lady and St.Joseph arrive in Bethlehem and search for a place to stay.
  2. The birth of Christ
  3. The Glorious Angels proclaiming to the shepards that a saviour is born.
  4. The three wise men search for Jesus.

Are these real mysteries? I haven’t ever heard of them…I just wanted to check before i started meditating on them.


I’ve heard of them. I don’t know anything about the gal to whom they were allegedly “revealed” or that situation. But I don’t see any reason why it would be inappropriate to meditate upon them if one so desired.


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