Has Anyone heard of this Girl?

Okay, many months ago I saw this girl talk about her paintings on the Late Late show (I don’t like that show, but anyways…). I only saw part of interview, so I didn’t know who it was.

Then sometime after that, I was thinking about that show and just my luck they were going to re-run it. But I missed it again.

Some time later, I tried looking for the info online, but I had no luck, but I tried again and I finally found the girl’s name. Her name is Akiane and she has appeared numerous times on TV, even on Oprah.

I was interested in her paintings and she has a website at artakiane.com/home.htm

But then I saw her paintings of Jesus and I was really amazed. I read about her life a bit and it truly is amazing. Her parents were atheists, but when she was very young she began talking about Jesus and her parents knew that it was not possible she could have heard about Him. Her parents are now Christians.

Well, the website has more information. I wish they would make poster prints of her works (not the canvas type, it’s too expensive for me, lol)

I actually think I saw a bit of that interview as well. Sadly, I do not know very much about her work. The story is truly amazing though.

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