Has anyone heard of this "Littlest of Servants" before?


I came accross a web blog about some person who receives messages from God the Father, Jesus and Our Lady, saints, angels etc. But, the problem is, is it is so ambiguous. There is no information about the person, not even if the person is male or female, where the messages are being received, or even if the person is Catholic. The information just goes around in circles between three websites. If it cannot be verified I don’t believe it.
The message contents are not unusual. Just the same old, same old, for apparitions - pray, do penance or God’s hand of Justice will strike etc.
Just interested to know if anyone has heard of it before.


It looks as though I am not alone. I did not expect a great amount of responses, but no responses does not surprise me much.


Use the Church’s norms of discernment for revelations: theotokos.org.uk/pages/appdisce/cdftexte.html


I checked out Littlest of Servants. It completely reeks of Vassula Ryden (True Life in God) Syndrome. That is, the message is a lot like Vassula’s. They basically say a lot of the same things. What struck me was Servant “seeing” California crumble to pieces; Vassula claims to have had a “vision” of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Also, through scribd.com, I was able to read Servant’s “prophecy” from Jesus. I didn’t have to read too far to see how much he sounded like Vassula’s Jesus.

I would pay no mind to this Servant.


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