Has anyone heard of UFO religions?

Raelism… www.Rael.org
Aetherius Society…www.Aetherius.org
Unarius Academy of Science…www.Unarius.org

What could possess people to believe in such ridiculous claims?

Pride and Satan.

Because the human being has an instinct to worship. And if (s)he rejects the true God, then that instinct will be directed to creatures of the earth, or (supposed) creatures in the sky; or ideas or principles; etc.



The Unarius group used to have an obscure TV show. It was hilarious. Including the old gal who rode around in an old Caddy with a “UFO” glued to the roof, and claiming to be the angel Uriel.


The only one I know of was the group who commited suicide, so their souls could join up with the aliens on a passing comet. Very sad, but they were very serious.

That was Heaven’s Gate religion and the Hale Bopp comet.

Scientology :wink:

Key word.

Psycopathy on the part of many of the leaders, I would suppose. Demonic influences amplify this, obviously.

I was involved in New Age and Wicca for many years before becoming Catholic last year. The 80’s were prime time for all kinds of things to surface. I remember J.Z. Knight making a ton of money on her “channelings” of Ramtha, something she claims as an ancient spirit, and a host of others. It continues to this day.

There’s a woman who claims to be in contact with a benevolent alien civilization who is watching us through the approach of a brown dwarf star that passes us every 3,600 years or so and causes us to be thrust back into the Stone Age. She has an active website and message board. She claims that the 7 plagues and parting of the Red Sea are evidence of this passage. She predicted the passage as occurring in 2012…'nuff said. :rolleyes:

These sorts of scams involve complex claims and books. People who are lost can fall for anything. Satan is involved. Anything but Christianity. This has been around since the 1950s.


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That’s it. Thanks.

Yep. Anything but Christianity. That was me, once.

It seems to me that Christianity becomes so much of part of the “furniture” for some folks that they feel as if there’s nothing to offer by way of spirituality or anything of the sort. It’s a huge tragedy that the richest spirituality is so underestimated and so often exchanged for things like this, though it’s more often exchanged for “personal Jesus” kind of stuff, I guess. It was me for a while, too. Pray for the Church, all.

Yeah, that was me. Enamored of Wicca for a while. Thank God I realized it was BS and came home to Rome. The devil does not want us to be in this church, I’ll tell you that. :thumbsup:


Also, believing in superior life-forms that are older than humans, but which can be explained “scientifically” and from the perspective of evolution, may strike some individuals as being more rational than traditional religions.

Yeah, I’ve watched a bunch of documentaries about religions like that. When the heart is wicked, it’s constantly ping-ponging between extremes. It’s seperated from the Source of Peace [one of the 99 names of Allah], so therefore it knows no peace. On purely practical level, I suppose it could come from entitlement. The idea that you are owed something, by a deity or an alien race, is appealing to many people.

That’s why people of New Age, Neo-Paganism and the Alien Religions are constantly affirming themselves. Like “Oh man, I just got done flying through the 9th dimension with my higher self. My higher self told me that I’m the maker of my own realities!”. Just self-affirming and thinking themselves to be autonomous. All of that is negated by Islam, which is to say that the muslim must not have his/her head in the clouds (no pun intended).

Having known someone who was willing to join one of these religions, I was invited to attend one of their rituals/ceremonies. I was astonished (not offended) by what was being offered. The people I spoke with after the ceremony seemed sincere but the claims were anti–Christ. I saw a symbol inside which seemed familiar and was surprised to learn it belonged to a different religion. They did claim they were in contact with aliens.

People are sometimes led astray by “the new.” In my case, I had two invitations to join other, non-UFO, religions by attractive young women. I turned down both requests.


Yeah I have heard of them it’s popular among the conspiracy theorist.

The whole Anuki angels are aliens the Catholic church is the Illuminati.

A lot of it deals with new age beliefs such as crystal healing and past lives and extraterrestrials.

Basically it all leads to Satan.

The Catholic church tried to stop the enlightenment movement with politics using the Popes influence on the Bavarian prince over the Bavarian Illuminati.

The group was officially disbanded but went underground and formed Freemasonry which spawned several branches and forms.

They worship man and Satan.

John Salza a former Freemason has a video on it and it’s pretty scary.

I have also heard there are some other similar people from similar backgrounds in the Protestant circles.

Read Lord of the World I read half of it and a lot of what is going on int the story as far as society is disturbingly close to today’s society.

But basically
Freemasonry, Spiritualism, Ufology, New age is all closely knit together.

If you want to go deeper I think it goes back to the Pharisees if you have ever seen the mini series Jesus of Nazareth there is a made up character named Zera who is sort of Jewish diplomat and plays the strings in the background.
It’s hinted that he might be Satan or an Antichrist figure but basically the film hints he knows who Jesus really is and wants to stop him.

It kinda goes into the whole living in your mommas basement conspiracy theory that what people might label as Hollywood Jews or the Jewish bankers I.E the Rothschild’s are all Satan worshipers and there is some sort of ancient satanist group that dates either before Christ death or after .

At any rate when you look at the Bible the Pharisees want their Messiah to be a sort David or Judas Maccabees and they either denied Christ or acknowledged he was the Messiah but rejected him anyways.

This is what this is all about an alternative spirituality where there is no God to create the universe and the world and all that you see and a religion where man does not need saving and it is good to indulge and give into all your inhibitions.

It’s the spirit of the Antichrist essentially.

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